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SC200 - 1

MULTIFUNCTIONAL GNSS RECEIVER RECOMMENDED AS A REFERENCE STATION The STONEX SC200 C.O.R.S. stations (Continuously Operating Reference Station) are GNSS multi-frequency receivers designed to be used either as stand-alone reference stations or as part of a GNSS stations' infrastructure. STONEX SC200 is typically used as NTRIP server and is the ultimate equipment for all those jobs that are based on GNSS correction data acquisition, processing, distribution and management; moreover the SC200 supports also the recording of raw data with a maximum SC200 stations are sturdy and lightweight and can be powered either by DC battery or through AC for a GPS networks field use (ex. construction sites), managing many NTRIP rovers connected simultaneously; in addition, they are equipped with a 5000 mAh battery for 16 hours of uninterrupted use. The SC200 stations can be easily configured over an Internet user interface and are equipped with a large OLED display that makes configuration easy for any user since a software interface is not needed. The 32 GB internal memory allows collecting and storing of a huge amounts of data. The available communication devices are: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 3G WCDMA modem. The STONEX SC200 C.O.R.S. stations are compatible with the most GPS network software's, therefore, can be used either for the start of a new infrastructure network or for an integration into existing networks. STONEX GNSS proven technology; high performance Easy to use web interface and optional output for radio/external mode Wi-Fi and 3G Wireless connection Several software solutions according to the customer request

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SC200 - 2

GNSS BOARD SPECIFICATIONS GLONASS_Simultaneously LI C/A, LI P, L2 C/A (GLONASS M only), L2 P GNSS carrier phase measurements with very low noise with <1 mm precision in 1 Hz bandwidth_ Initialization time3_Typically, less thenlO seconds_ Static Vertical accuracy_3mm + O.Sppm RMS_ ENVIRONMENTAL REQUIREMENTS_ 256x64 OLED high brightness display Network supported protocols: HTTP (web GUI), NMEA, GSOF, CMR... on TCP/IP or UDP, NTripServer_ 2 RS232 ports ( one complete functions, one 3 poles ) Up to 50 Hz raw measurement and positioning outputs_ Reference output: CMR, CMR+™, RTCM 2.x, RTCM 3.x,...

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SC200 - 3

STONEX® NTRIP CASTER STONEX® CUBE CARLSON® SURVCE Entirely designed and develo- partment, NTRIP Caster is the ideal software for GNSS NTRIP fect integration with the SC200 makes NTRIP Caster the essen- tial tool for everyday' s work. NTRIP Caster gives the user an intuitive and powerful interfa- gram to manage CORS sta- single-base correction to multi- ple rover users, to manage any time in a reliable and effi- cient way. NTRIP Caster offers limit users' access in real time. Combining with SC200 CORS the software allows users to download data through FTP Developed within the Stonex R & D...

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