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GNSS RECEIVER FOR MOBILE APP Until today the GPS world was divided into two main parts, high accuracy receivers for Land Surveyors on one side. GIS and low accuracy positioning and navigation devices on the other. In the middle, the submeter accuracy Handheld Windows Mobile GPS, integrated devices with great limitations due to the operating system and to the non upgradable hardware, forcing the User to purchase complete (display, GPS, keyboard, battery ...) and expensive devices, soon obsolete. Today, thanks to the smallest, rugged and most advanced SMART Mobile GPS, anyone can improve the positioning capabilities of already existent modern devices, as Smartphones, Android and Windows Tablet, Notebook ... just adding the new STONEX S5 SMART Mobile GNSS receiver. STONEX S5 uses the most modern connection technologies: even if the traditional Bluetooth™ connectivity is present, Stonex S5 Linux based System, is equipped with WiR connectivity, for an efficient fast and reliable data connection with the external device. The friendly Web User Interface makes Stonex S5 an 'active device', giving the User a complete control of the unit, regardless of the application software used on the external device. Work where you need Stonex S5 SMART Mobile GNSS supports multiple constellations - GPS, GLON ASS, Beidou, Galileo - and SBAS accuracy augmentation systems, to make safe working sessions using several available and visible satellites. Thanks to the integrated GPRS modem, S5 can take advantage from existing GPS Networks, directly receiving corrections from the Network and without to keep busy the external device phone and using slow and not always reliable non WiFi connections. And the submeter accuracy will be always available without the necessity to use other additional and expensive services. SMART Solutions High accuracy Agriculture, Mapping, GIS data collection, environmental agencies, Forestry are just a short list of the fields where Stonex S5 will give a decisive impulse to the productivity and to the quality of the positioning data: and using the already existent devices, as Smartphones and Tablet with Android, iOS, Windows operating system. Stonex GeoGis, Stonex CUBE and hundreds of third party software applications are already available for STONEX S5 GNSS. WIFI AND LONG RANGE BLUETOOTH™ CONNECTION KEY FEATURES to any external Android, Windows, iOS device 3.75G (FOR HSPDAJ INTEGRATED MODEM for an immediate GPS Network corrections support gives the total control of the unit even to non expert Users A WORLD OF READY SOLUTIONS for several application fields choose your preferred controller and O.S.

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GNSS module Internal GNSS antenna: GPS Galileo and QZSS ready_ SBAS 3 channels parallel Customizable NMEA protocols Post-differential Positioning Point Positioning (Autonomous) 1.2 m (RMS) DGPS Positioning SBAS Positioning SMB external antenna port Mini USB (for stored NMEA files Long range (50m) Bluetooth™ Network Module Supported Platforms POWER SUPPLY PHYSICAL SPECIFICATION Size & Weight Operating temperature Storage temperature Wate rproof/D u st proof Support WCDMA/HSDPA+/GPRS ANDROID, Windows Mobile™, WinCE, Windows Systems Drops: 1.2m four sides (©normal Four LEDs with specific...

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