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S10 - 2

GNSS RECEIVER STONEX S10: The Smart GNSS Receiver STONEX S10, the most advanced integrated GNSS Receiver ever appeared on the geomatic scene, leads to a new generation of smart and open GPS. where the User has the ability to install customized applications directly on the receiver. The advanced features of STONEX SIO. such as automatic leveling with electronic bubble, make surveying much faster and accurate. EASY MEASURES It's very easy to measure corners or edges of walls. Internal sensors can correct the coordinates of the points collected according to the tilt angle and tilt direction....

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S10 - 3

INNOVATIVE DESIGN The main structure of S10 is built with magnesium alloy material, making it strong, smart, light and eye-catching. The reason why Stonex has preferred magnesium among other materials is because its incredible advantages, including but not limiting to light weight, natural strength, shock absorption capability and excellent electromagnetic shielding performance. INTERNAL STRUCTURE The sophisticated internal structure design guarantees a compact housing: GNSS antenna, GPS board, power board, RX/TX radio, smart battery, 3.5G module. BT module and Wi-Fi module all take place...

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S10 - 4

GNSS RECEIVER TECHNICAL FEATURES Satellite Tracked (reserved)_ COMPASS: Bl (QPSK), Bl- MBOC (6,1, Position Rate Signal Reacquisition RTK Signal Initialization Typically < 10 s 4 GB (Over 45 days of raw static data Internal Memory storage with recording sample every 1 Expansion slot with 4 GB internal HIGH PRECISION STATIC SURVEYING (Long Time Observations) FAST STATIC CODE DIFFERENTIAL POSITIONING SBAS POSITIONING (Typical) REAL TIME KINEMATIC (< 30 Km) - NETWORK SURVEYING3 TILTED POSITIONING (2 m POLE) interfaces. Multifunction cable with Bluetooth device To upgrade the software, manage...

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