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Stand-Alone Wash Section

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StandAlone Wash Module is a SMEMA compatible module that can interface with ANY exist-ing conveyorized inline washer, regardless of manufacturer. The purpose of the Module is to provide chemistry cleaning capability to an existing cleaner that may notsupport a chemical wash process, or may have poor chemical isolation. The Module is ideal for manu-facturers faced with conversion to lead free soldering processes where chemistry cleaning is required, but not supported by the current washer. The module provides a heated recirculated spray wash in addition to chemical isolation, turning anywasher into a sophisticated chemistry compatible cleaning system. The Module can be optioned with TREKs unique > LIQUID LOCK technology. A Module fitted with > LIQUIDLOCK can begin saving money on cleaning agent & power immediately upon installation. TREK LIQUIDLOCK drastically reduces consumption of cleaning solution and power. By sealing the wash zone with anentry and exit laminar flow of fluid, LIQUID LOCK traps the atomized spray in the wash chamber, essen-tially eliminating the number one cause of chemical solution loss: atomized spray mist exhaust. Various additional options such as presoak stage, filtration, automatic chemical injection, top belt, variouslevels of spray pump performance packages, and more are available. >

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User Friendly Touch Screen ControlPanel w/Allen Bradley PLC standard. PS W ISO > ChemWash stagewith stainless steelplumbing andadjustable spraypressure.Optional PreSoakstage.Air chemical -Isolationstage to conservechemistry and reducecross contamination. Typical RecirculatingSpray Layout. High Pressure/High VolumeStainless Steel Pumpin Wash. LIQUID LOCK Option. TREK LIQUID LOCK > TREK LIQUID LOCK > Main Office: 502 Hwy. 67, Kiel, WI Tel: 920-894-2293 Օ 800-545-0661 Fax: 920-894-7029E-mail: Օ Website: or 1/07 size="-3">

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