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OmniJet CBW-218 - 2 Pages

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OmniJet CBW-218

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OmniJet CBW-218® Electronic Cleaners Econo 12' – 3" Small Pre-wash For mid range production requirements. Removal of water soluble OA fluxes. Aqueous Cleaning System For high end production requirements. For cleaning SA, RMA fluxes. Recommended for chemical applications. A Proven Force in Aqueous Cleaning Technology Enviro Smart

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Rear View in Aqueous Cleaning Technology… Front View Rear View - Detail 1. ll stainless steel construction A for longer service life, lower maintenance, chemical compatibility and high heat capability (up to 160°F - solution, 250°F - air). 2. E marked. C 3. rgonomic monitor E operator interface. 4. 8” wide stainless steel conveyor 1 with up to 5” product height to handle a wide variety of products. 5. pray configuration consists of 15 S top and 15 bottom nozzles and one Stoelting EDM (electrical discharge machined) spray bar. The EDM spray bar is positioned half-way through the spray zone...

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