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Lewis Self-Contained Cabinet Series - 2 Pages

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Lewis Self-Contained Cabinet Series

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Self-Contained Cabinet: C-2518 and C-3024 Ultrasonic Cleaners C-2518 Self-Contained Cabinet Cleaners provide all components and accessories in one cabinet. Circuit breaker, timer, and all controls are mounted on the control panel for operator convenience. Access to the generator, pump, heaters, and other accessories is through the latched front access door. Filter housing is located externally at the rear. Units with 4000 watts of ultrasonics have a separate NEMA 12 enclosure for generators and controls. Matching Rinse and Drying Units are available to give a complete Ultrasonic Wash, Rinse, and Dry operation. Controls include: Ultrasonic generator switch, fill button, heater switch, pump mode selector switch, circuit breaker, 0-30 minute interval timer, and thermostatic control. Transducers Electronic Grade “A” nickel, silver brazed to a heavy, up to 1/4" thick, type 316L stainless steel radiating diaphragm (tank bottom). Coils are wound with a high temperature magnet wire. Unconditional 10 year warranty. Recirculatory System All solid-state providing high efficiency, and low maintenance. Generators operate at 20 kHz. Synchronous operation, provides 2000 watts continuous power in each module. Meets FCC requirements. Available to MIL-STD-461. Air filters are cleanable. Pump: Single Stage, centrifugal, sealless, magnetically driven with all wetted parts of ryton, ceramic, and stainless steel, 10 GPM with 12 Ft. head. SPECIFICATIONS Model Generator Output Power 2000 watts (4000 watts optional) 4000 watts (remotely mounted generator enclosure) Cabinet Size Heater Size Cleaning Tank Size Liquid Depth Liquid Capacity ELECTRICAL REQUIREMENTS Suffix - A Filter: Housing of stainless steel, 20" disposable polypropylene filters. A variety of elements can be used. Mounted on the exterior rear for easy change. Heaters: Constructed of Incoloy and 300 series stainless steel, immersion heater can maintain 200°F. Low-level sensor protects pump, heater, and transducers. Plumbing and Fittings: Inlet plumbing and fittings of copper. Recirculatory system is stainless steel, Ryton and Neoprene. Stainless drain valve with Teflon seal is provided. Recommend operating range of 110°F - 175°F. Installation: Electrical requirements noted in chart. Plumbing: Fill water 1/2" NPT. Drain 1" CPVC drain (stainless steel available). Gives a complete Ultrasonic Wash, Rinse, and Dry operation. Enviro Smart

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MATCHING CABINET CONSTRUCTION Cleaner, Rinser, and Dryer Each unit constructed of 16 gauge stainless steel, polished type 304 stainless steel countertop with drip-proof edge. Lid is insulated, double-pan type, stainless steel. Control panel mounted in front countertop, opens out for servicing. Four flanged adjustable leveling feet. OPTIONS TIMER Optionally available for Rinser and Dryer (0-30 minute) BASKETS Stainless steel expanded metal (4x4 or 8x8 mesh also available) Lift lower platforms and rotating fixtures STAINLESS STEEL PUMP on cleaner for high caustics and high temperature...

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