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Lewis Custom Equipment

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Custom Equipment Automated Indexing Aqueous Cleaning System Conveyorized Nearfield ® Cleaning System Semi-Automated Batch Cleaning System Fully enclosed, multi-stage systems provide high throughput with programmable process control. Available in gantry hoist or walking beam models, typically incorporating a conveyorized hot air dryer. Tank capacities up to 800 gallons. Readily fits the standard of lean manufacturing with single piece flow every couple of seconds. High intensity ultrasonics deliver maximum cleaning power to individual parts to reduce cycle times. Automated load/unload options available. Pneumatic lift/lower roller platforms provide process flexibility while reducing the operator labor requirements. Systems are easily fitted with various options such as oil coalescing systems, eductor turbulation, or ultrasonic rinse tank. Large Series Ultrasonic Cleaning System Nearfield® Strip Cleaning System Turbine Engine Fuel Nozzle Cleaning System Model #SC-3 with Infrared Dryer Tank sizes range from 36" x 25" to 212" x 58". Heavy workloads, long duty cycles and aggressive chemistry are characteristic of this systems performance. Optional transfer holding tanks provide a cost-effective means for ultrasonic rinsing. Also, cleans components weighing thousands of pounds. Capable of handling a wide range of products from 3" to 50" side, .0004 to 3" thick, and speeds up to 360 feet per minute. Typically utilized prior to electron beam or laser welding, prior to plating or painting, and for removal of oxide/carbon and drawing lubricants. Our industry specified systems remove burnt fuel/coking from internal and external surfaces of complete engine sets of nozzles. Also available, a complete line of equipment for turbine overhaul including debrazing systems, pre & post F.P.I. washers and general maintenance.

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