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Immersible Systems

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Lewis Immersible Ultrasonic Systems Ultrasonic Cleaners Cleaning Systems Engineering C Many ultrasonic cleaning application have special requirements. The company’s experienced Sales Engineering staff is available for consultation at all times to assist each customer in the specification of the proper equipment, power levels, chemicals, and arrangement of immersibles to deliver optimum ultrasonic cleaning performance. For unusual conduit configurations, send a sketch and our engineers will design a system to meet your requirements. Stoelting manufactures magnetostrictive ultrasonic and non-ultrasonic cleaning equipment for a variety of applications: • Small to large size Ultrasonic Cleaners • In-line Strip / Wire / Cable Cleaners • Multistage Consoles • Conveyorized In-line Ultrasonic Cleaners • Rotating / Turbo Jet Washers • emi and fully Automated Cleaning Systems S Typical Unit Configuration stoelting Warranty A. urface Diaphragm S B. ltrasonic Transducers (inside box or can) U C. onduit and cable to generator C The transducer-to diaphragm silver-brazed bond and transducers are warranted by Stoelting not to separate, crack, or degrade in any way under normal conditions of handling and use by the original purchaser for ten (10) years. In addition, Stoelting provides a one-year warranty on all other Stoeltingfabricated materials and workmanship. Purchased components are warranted to the full extent by their manufacturer. Stoelting accepts the responsibility of repairing or replacing at its factory any part or parts which do not conform to above warranties when the unit is returned prepaid. In no event shall Stoelting be liable for consequential damages for failure of any equipment to perform. Standard Features The Immersible advantage Lewis Ultrasonic Cleaners are stainless steel boxes or “cans: which have a radiating surface called a diaphragm. Brazed to the inside of this surface are powerful transducers which produce ultrasonic frequency energy. When immersed in a liquid-filled tank, the pressure waves generated by the transducers flex the diaphragm plate causing cavitation in the liquid. Cavitation performs the powerful scrubbing action inherent in the ultrasonic cleaning process. Immersibles allow users to upgrade less effective cleaning systems without the expense of replacing configuration, including bottom or side mounting. Immersibles work nicely in large tanks, especially when mounted in tandem. Finally, they are safe in explosive environments and afford flexibility in process planning techniques. • ransducers are designed for heavy-duty T continuous performance. They withstand abuse and high temperature operation. Power, Versatility and Reliability Industrial process cleaning requirements are more stringent than ever as manufacturers continue to strive for higher levels of quality. Increasingly, companies are turning to Lewis Immersible Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems for the poser and performance they require to meet new quality control standards…and for good reason! Lewis Immersibles simply keep on delivering dependable cleaning power day after day, month after month, year after year. • ransducers are not crystals. They T are magnetostrictive nickel alloy units permanently silver-brazed to a heavy 316L stainless steel plate diaphragm. • Transducers are guaranteed for ten years not to fail or degrade, In fact, not one has ever failed. • Generators are reliable and not load sensitive, built to deliver years of proven service. • mmersible transducers can be installed I in opposing configurations for high intensity cleaning applications. • or difficult cleaning situations. Stoelting F offers the ultimate in high-density cleaning with opposed transducer systems operating at differing frequencies (i.e. 16kHz and 20kHz). Enviro Smart

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Immersible Systems Typical Mounting Positions Standard Immersible Systems Lewis Model The true versatility of Lewis Immersible Transducers is reflected in the variety of ways they can be used in a tank. Positions may be combined to concentrate ultrasonic energy in one area. And while typical installations are fixed with the work being located in front, immersibles may also be mounted on moving gantrys and passed over or in front of a stationary component. *NEMA 12 generator cabinet included Bottom mounting This is the traditional immersible mounting configuration and it provides thorough...

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