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SHR 2000 RAPID PALLET TRUCK STÖCKLIN – YOUR ADVANTAGES Stöcklin rapid lifting: • Work faster thanks to optimal transmission • No idle running during hydraulic level switch over • Low energy consumtion thanks to a long drawbar • Minimal maintenance In use: • Optimum response at all times • Long service life • Low wear and tear on the shaft, bolts and main bearing etc. • It is not a one-job machine - it is worth repairing VALVE CARTRIDGE HYDRAULIC SYSTEM Fast lifting 2-speed hydraulic system with optimal force – distance transmission. To switch over from rapid to normal lifting is direct during the pumping process without extra drawbar running. 1 pumpage is enough to lift even loaded pallets and then to move them. Full lifting with only 3 ½ pump impulses in the fast lifting zone. REALIZATION Steering rollers: all rubber wheels on aluminium rims. Steering angle: 240°. Load rollers: Single rollers made of polyamide or polyurethane with a steel core. All the wheels are fitted out with ball bearings, shafts fitted into casings that require no maintenance. Robust, robot welded chassis with high quality surface painted with coating powder (with no cadmium or heavy metal); colour yellow/blue. SPECIAL MODELS Type SHR ”Frosty” for cold stores Type SHR ”Silent” with special sound deadening for use in inhabited areas Type SHR ”Inox”: all parts are made of stainless steel (including bearings). Special lengths and widths. The Stöcklin valve cartridge runs all the hydraulic functions such as fast lifting switch over and dosed lowering. No other small equipment is necessary in the hydraulic power pack. Maintenance work can even be carried out without oil change. ERGONOMY After 50 years experience in building electric pallet trucks, we at Stöcklin know what our customers need. Geometry has constantly been refined, load distribution optimised. All the professionals confirm that the SHR 2000 is easy to handle, pleasant for the operator to drive which makes it easier to carry out the job in less time. Stöcklin pallet trucks with a fast lifting device have

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load capacity length of fork Additional equipment Combinable widths width B [mm] width of fork e [mm] interior dimension b [mm] Additional safety: • Blocking brake n° 2043 on lorry • Wheel and blocking brake n° 2048 on slopes Special lenghts from 500-3500 mm | Special widths on request Additional protection against corrosion: • galvanised chassis • parts in stainless steel Other models of pallet trucks SHR 3000 SHR Scales Atex The right wheels: • Single or tandem rollers made of polyamide, polyurethane or steel • Steering rollers made of rubber, polyamide, polyurethane or rubber to avoid...

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