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EFI 1600 - 1

EFI 1600 ELECTRIC SIT-ON HIGH LIFT PALLET STACKING TRUCK WITH INITIAL LIFTING STÖCKLIN – YOUR ADVANTAGES Compact and easy to handle • Narrow aisle widths • Suitable for block warehousing • Ideal handling • Efficient and fast movement of goods • Best quality and long service life • High serviceability • High efficiency due to powerful drives • CAN-BUS Technology • Operates with A.C. current ERGONOMY AND SAFETY All of the functions can be controlled from the multifunction handle. Good ergonomics are ensured, together with electrically assisted steering, tilting seat adjustable in height and padded arm rest complete with storage compartment. As standard, the platform can be adjusted in height by means of a push button. STRUCTURE AND EQUIPMENT DRIVE The lateral drive and a lateral support roller combined with the suspension incorporated into the initial lifting guarantee optimal driving stability and grip at all times. The A.C. drive unit is firmly mounted and positioned vertically; no cable movements when turning the vehicle. Its power of 2.2 kW allows it to reach a maximum speed of 10.5  km/h. ELEKTRONIC SYSTEM Combined M.O.S. freely programmable microprocessor control for drive and hydraulic system. No operation direction contactors. The operational response (acceler-ation, timing and speed) can be adapted to the customer’s individual requirements. DIMENSIONS 800 mm wide, the vehicle is also ideal for block storage systems and loading/unloading trucks. The compact front-pad, only 920 mm, saves space in confined areas or allows faster handling of pallets. This vehicle is a product of the HFS series, of modular design. All maintenance zones are easily accessible thanks to several openings and a clever folding mechanism. There is a choice of several models of mast available, with free partial or total lifting height. The high degree of equipment supplied as standard includes not only the tandem load rollers, but also an EMERGENCY STOP and the combined working hours meter / battery controller. Can also be supplied in the following version: • Ex nR/V II T4 Zone 2

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EFI 1600 - 2

Type Performance data Load capacity/Initial lifting load Load capacity/Fork lifting load Distance to centre of gravity of load Top speed with/without load Lifting speed with/without load Lowering speed with/without load Max. gradient with/without load Dimensions Load distance Wheel base Initial lifting Forks lowered Overall length Length of front pad Overall width Dimensions of forks Distance between outer edge of forks Floor clearance in lowered position Width pallet service zone 800x1200 Safety distance Turning radius EFI 1600 Weight (mast A 28, 465 Ah battery, 1600 kg) 2.1 Weight of...

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