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EDD 1001 P Electric walkie high lift truck with operator platform


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EDD 1001 P Electric walkie high lift truck with operator platform - 1

ELECTRIC PEDESTRIAN CONTROLLED HIGHLIFT PALLET STACKING TRUCK WITH A TILTING STAND-ON PLATFORM STÖCKLIN - YOUR ADVANTAGES The lateral drive and the lateral support roller (4-point support) guarantees good stability and ideal traction The motor unit and the wheels are incorporated in the chassis to protect them against damage. All the wheels are made of durable Vulkollan. ELEKTRONIC SYSTEM M.O.S. freely programmable microprocessor control. No operation direction contactors. The operational behaviour (acceleration, timing and speed) can be adapted to the customer's individual re- quirements. Despite the proportional lifting system, no additional electronic lifting equipment is necessary. STAND-ON PLATFORM With the tilted platform, the vehicle can be used as a normal fork lift truck with drawbar. High speeds can be reached when the platform is lowered. To avoid always having to turn the drawbar through 90° in confined spaces, the turning circle can be gea- red down on request. In addition, electric power stee- ring is available to reduce steering effort. The raising and lowering speed can be proportionally precise- ly measured with an economically designed lever mounted on the steering handle. Compact and easy to handle • Higher productivity • Ideal handling • High degree of flexibility Modern electronic system • Safe operation even on inclines • Smooth transport • High serviceability • Optimum behaviour at all times • Best quality and long service life • CAN-BUS Technology • Operates with A.C. current Small dimensions guarantee ideal handling, even in confined spaces. Developed from the complex ED series modular sys- tem. Multiple use of standard components, such as drive, controls, masts, load part, etc. There are various models of mast, specially designed Despite its compact structure, all the components are easily accessible. Many features are integrated as standard: EMERGENCY STOP button, combined working hours meter, battery controller, etc. • Loading design to enable the battery to be chan- ged from the side, even for larger-sized batteries.

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EDD 1001 P Electric walkie high lift truck with operator platform - 2

TECHNICAL DATA Performance data Load capacity/Initial lifting load Load capacity/Fork lifting load Distance to centre of gravity of load Top speed with/without load Top speed with/without load Lifting speed with/without load Lowering speed with/without load Max. gradient with/without load Load distance Wheel base Initial lifting Height min./max. drawbar in use Forks lowered Overall length Overall width Distance between outer edge of forks Floor clearance in lowered position Width pallet service zone 800x1200 Safety distance Stöcklin, or one of our partners in your region will be Weight...

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