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The New Concept of Polishing The only automated system that improves the results of hand polishing

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DLyte is the first non-abrasive surface finishing system able to substantially reduce the surface roughness. This non-abrasive process allows for removal of roughness while preserving original shapes and respecting the tolerances. RESPECTS THE TOLERANCES AND INITIAL SHAPES DLyte is especially effective for finishing parts with sharp edges, while ensuring the radius preservation and homogeneous result across the surface. The polishing action reaches every corner of the piece, so it can process the inner cavities which can not be accessed mechanically. DLyte can achieve a high quality...

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The New Concept of Polishing DLyte is a technological solution that simplifies and standardizes the post-processing of metal parts, improving the finishing results obtained with traditional polishing systems. The DLyte Healthcare series machines use the patented DryLyte Technology for the BETTER RESULTS THAN CURRENT PROCESSES surface finishing of the most common metal alloys used in the Healthcare and Medical Device industry. The DLyte applications range from grinding, rounding and deburring to surface smoothing and high gloss polishing of implants, needles, stents, medical devices...

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Proven Biocompatibility The Medical Device sectors require clinically proven processes and products which guarantee their compliance with the most demanding safety regulations. The manufacturer must ensure that the devices meet all appropriate requirements and perform a risk/ benefit analysis and evaluate the biocompatibility and toxicity of the materials used. DLyte has proven the Biocompatibility of the products processed with the DLyte system. Corrosion Resistance Corrosion is one of the main factors reducing the lifespan of implanted parts. The corrosion resistance of a piece of...

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Fragile Parts Finishing Small medical devices like stents or needles require high-quality surface finishing using a nonaggressive process to avoid damages that can be caused by mechanical energy. Since DLyte is an electro-chemical process, it is suitable for these types of delicate applications. Compared to liquid electropolishing, DLyte is more controllable and works efficiently at micro and macroscopic level. Additive Manufactured Implants DLyte is also suitable for metal additive manufactured implants, performing superior results than existing surface finishing technologies. “DLyte...

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Healthcare - 6

From Small to Large Productions The wide range of DLyte equipment, accessories and media meet the spectrum of applications, materials and company sizes of the medical device industry. Compact Series Modular Solution All machines include a package of additional services which can be expanded: Warranty Extension Package Full Service Package Electrolyte Medias DLyte offers a high-quality finishing for the Medical Device industry with its wide variery of dry electrolyte media. PRO500 DLyte obtains superior results for all types of implants, needles, stents, medical devices and components of...

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