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The new standard in polishing The only automated system that provides better results than hand polishing

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DLyte equipment automates metal alloy polishing for the dental sector, improving quality while reducing costs Better results than manual polishing, in one step The polishing action is based on a unique and innovative dry electropolishing technique that reaches every internal cavity which can not be accessed mechanically. DLyte allows the polishing of pieces from any casting, sintered or milled manufacturing processes. DLyte offers high-quality polishing for cobalt-chrome and titanium. Respects tolerances Mirror finishing and homogeneous results Preserves the initial shape The parts are...

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Dental - 3

Impact on your business REDUCE COSTS BY UP TO 80% MAKE YOUR PRODUCTION MORE FLEXIBLE STANDARDIZE YOUR PRODUCT The dust emitted during manual polishing is dangerous for health. Lower costs Time saving Controlled production The treatment does not require manual processing, reducing labor costs and eliminating the need to rework parts and the production of defective parts. DLyte is an automatic process which reduces the complexity of the current multi-step processes. The entire process is completed in one step. DLyte offers a unique solution to meet the needs of the dental industry, with...

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Dental - 4

Materials and applications Thanks to the wide variety of dry electrolyte medias, DLyte offers a high-quality finishing for Cobalt chrome and Titanium pieces. DLyte provides superior results for all types of fixed or removable dentures, implantology systems and orthodontic products. Fixed prosthesis Polishing process from 30 to 45 minutes (depending on the type of manufacturing) Cobalt chrome | Machining Cobalt chrome | Sintering Implant prosthesis Polishing process from 30 to 45 minutes (depending on the type of manufacturing) Removable prosthesis Polishing process from 50 to 80 minutes...

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Dental - 5

The results guarantee the effectiveness of our system Proven biocompatibility The medical and dental device sectors require clinically proven processes and products which ensure their compliance with the most demanding safety regulations. The manufacturer must guarantee that the devices meet all appropriate requirements. In particular, they must perform a risk/benefit analysis and evaluate the biocompatibility and the toxicity of the materials used. DLyte has proven the biocompatibility of the products processed with the DLyte System. Corrosion resistance The corrosion resistance of a piece...

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Dental - 6

From small to large production requirements DLyte offers three equipment configurations to meet the different production capacity requirements of the dental industry. Each configuration has three versions, based on the materials that are to be treated. DLyte Desktop Dental The most versatile ultra-compact dry electropolishing machine on the market. The first ultra-compact dry electropolishing machine for small dental laboratories. DLyte1 The most compact version. This machine is designed for laboratories with low production requirements. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS...

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Dental - 7

This medium-sized system is easily integrated into a mediumsized laboratory. The solution for laboratories with large production requirements. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Capacity (per cycle) Machine dimensions Support dimensions Machine weight Support weight Power Voltage Air pressure TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS 4 RPDs 820 x 1,280 x 680 mm 820 x 680 x 680 mm 173.5 kg 87 kg 3 kW 220-240 V 4-5 bar Capacity (per cycle) Machine dimensions Support dimensions Machine weight Support weight Power Voltage Air pressure Different versions for each configuration (only for DLyte1, DLyte10 and DLyte100). D...

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Dental - 8

Brochure DLyte Dental EN_Rev F_0622 C/ Maracaibo, 1 | 08030 Barcelona Tel. (+34) 931 256 536 |

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