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Guide units

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Sliding guides Maschine Module elements system Guide pillars Machine Accessories elements Tapping units Guide units Nitrogen systems Spring elements Active elements Guide units Roller guides

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Machine elements Module system Tapping units Nitrogen systems Spring elements Active elements

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The highly-precise guide units from STEINEL are used in toolmaking, fixture manufacturing and machine engineering. The range includes three types of sliding guide (bronzed steel, with solid lubricant and solid lubricant rings) and two types of roller guide (roller and ball guides). Quality criteria of STEINEL guides Outstanding lifetimes and high loading capacity due to: ■ highest part precision ■ outstanding surface quality ■ optimum material selection ■ tailored heat treatment process ■ perfect matching Guaranteed interchangeability Thanks to the mounting bore ISO H6, all guide bushes can...

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Version Diameter Length Variant Properties Machine Module Tapping Nitrogen Spring Active elements system units systems elements elements

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Guide units Roller guides (roller and ball guides) Roller line Roller point STEINEL roller guides (roller and ball guides) consist of a guide pillar, a roller or ball guide and a guide bush, which are paired together free of clearance. The cage travel is only half as long as the stroke of the guide. Quality criteria of STEINEL roller guides long life time – Profile rollers and balls are helically arranged in the cage, and are free-wheeling mounted. fast stroke movements – Speeds of up to 30 m/min. can be achieved as a result of the low friction of the rollers or balls. high lateral forces...

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Dynamic loading capacity C in accordance with DIN ISO 14728-1 for roller cages with diameters of 19 to 80 mm Application Aluminium roller cages ■ can be used in any installation position for longitudinal movements ■ rotational motion not possible ■ low mass and consequently lower inertia, particularly in the movement turning points ■ long life time - The contact radii of the saddle shape are manufactured in such a way that critical loads on the edge area will be avoided. The bending as a result of the load in the middle surface to the external track leads to a compression which can be...

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Guide units Ball guides Application Aluminium, brass and plastic ball cages can be used in any installation position for longitudinal movements and rotational motions brass ball cage high wear resistance and stability low friction between the ball and cage optimal heat resistance Mini-series ball cages are ideally suited as construction elements in optical and electronic measuring devices. Aluminium ball cages lower mass compared to the brass cage and consequently lower inertia, particularly in the movement turning points optimal ratio between stability and mass optimal heat resistance...

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Guide units Ball guides Additional versions Tapping units Nitrogen systems With lock ring In accordance with DIN 471, the lock ring prevents the cage from slipping through the guide bush during the dismantling of the tool. In operation, it can prevent any potential “wandering” of the cage. Spring elements Active elements With installation assistance The installation assistance facilitates the positioning of the cage on the guide pillar, therefore making the assembly of tools with several guide units easier. Machine elements Module system With locking device and screw (only for aluminium)...

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Guide units Sliding guides Sliding guides, bronzed steel Sliding guides with solid lubricant and solid lubricant rings Steel sleeve Bronze layer The hardened steel sleeve takes on lateral forces and prevents the guide bush becoming deformed due to the strong force application. The galvanic bronze layer spread across the running surface is hard, extremely wear-resistant and honed to the highest surface quality. In addition to good dry-running properties, it also has excellent thermal conductivity in order to quickly dissipate the resulting friction heat. The internal lubrication system,...

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Guide units Guide pillar installation instructions Installation instructions for smooth pillars Installation of the guide pillar Disassembly of the guide pillar Carefully clean the boreholes in the top and bottom parts and apply oil to them (no grease). Slide the pillars in the top part. Place plane-parallel ground bars between the upper and bottom part. Drive the pillars approx. 3 mm deep into the bottom part. Push in the pillars using a hydraulic press or manual spindle press (the pillar has the fit ISO h3, the borehole has the fit ISO R6, therefore a press fit is guaranteed). Pillars =...

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Guide units Installation instructions: sliding and roller guides The bushes must not be pressed. Pressing may result in deformation of the internal diameter. For security, smooth bushes must be stuck in the mounting bore (with Loctite 603, part number SZ9742). Adhesive surfaces must be completely free of grease. Please observe the instructions of the adhesive manufacturer. For flange bushes and guide bushings with shoulders, the shoulder and flange surfaces that are rectangular ground to the guide bore are pressed firmly to the plate with holding clamps or screws. Guides are to be furnished...

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External dimensions for shafts Machine Module Tapping Nitrogen Spring Active elements system units systems elements elements

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Revaluation* for hardness in hardness or hardness in tensile strength for non-alloy and low-alloy steels The values in this table are only ‘comparison or standard values and cannot form the basis of complaints. Tensile Vickers Brinell Rockwell strength hardness hardness hardness

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Material Installation instruction Steel 1.7131; inductively hardened one-sided entry chamfer or centring attachment Machine Module Tapping Nitrogen Spring Active elements system units systems elements elements

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Material Ball propertyBrass 2.0401 Steel; hardened; quality class 1; sorted l *0-1 Item number

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Material Steel 1.3505 (100 Cr6); hardened Hardness 64 ±1 HRC Installation in mounting bore ISO H6 Optional accessories SZ9742 Installation instruction Secure with adhesive; do not press in Machine Module Tapping Nitrogen Spring Activeelements system units systems elements elements Version 08.2019

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