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Tube Connectors Assembly Tools and Devices Product Overview STAUFF Connect Produktübersicht Connect EN.indd 1

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STAUFF Connect STAUFF Connect The STAUFF Connect product group is closely aligned with the market requirements and contains an extensive range of tube connectors made of carbon steel for metric tubes with outer diameters ranging from 4 to 42 mm in accordance with ISO 8434-1 / DIN 2353:  24° cutting ring fittings  24° taper fittings with O-ring  24° weld cones with O-ring  37° flared tube fittings The product range is completed by check and alternating valves for inline installation, thread reducers as well as blanking plugs and screws. Produktübersicht Connect EN.indd 2 Special product...

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STAUFF Connect STAUFF Zinc/Nickel Coating Layers Sealing Passivation Zinc/Nickel Steel  At least 1200 hours resistance to red rust / base metal corrosion under practical conditions in the salt-spray chamber according to DIN EN ISO 9227 Users across all industries and applications benefit from sophisticated technology, which has been developed for and used by the very demanding automotive industry for many years now and that is already the proven standard for a large proportion of STAUFF components since 2007. surface finish – comparable to Stainless Steel  Significantly reduced tendency to...

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STAUFF Connect Tube Connectors and Accessories Cutting Ring Type FI-DS Soft-Sealing Cutting Ring Type FI-WDDS Suport Sleeve Type FI-VH STAUFF Form Adaptor Ring Type FI-AR 37° Flared Tube Fitting Set Type FI-AB Straight Male Stud Fitting Type FI-GE Male Stud Elbow Type FI-WE Male Stud Branch Tee Type FI-TE Male Stud Barrel Tee Type FI-LE Straight Union Type FI-G Straight Reducer Type FI-G Equal Elbow Type FI-W Equal Cross Type FI-K Straight Bulkhead Fitting Type FI-GS Elbow Bulkhead Fitting Type FI-WS Straight Bulkhead Weld Fitting Type FI-ES Straight Weld Fitting Type FI-AS Elbow Weld...

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STAUFF Connect Tube Connectors and Accessories Straight Male Stud Standpipe Fitting Type FI-EGE Straight Standpipe Reducer Type FI-REDS Adjustable Standpipe Elbow Type FI-EW Adjustable Standpipe Branch Tee Type FI-ET Adjustable Standpipe Barrel Tee Type FI-EL Adjustable Male Stud Elbow (90°) with Lock Nut Type FI-WEE Adjustable Male Stud Elbow (45°) with Lock Nut Type FI-VEE Adjustable Male Stud Branch Tee with Lock Nut Type FI-TEE Adjustable Male Stud Barrel Tee with Lock Nut Type FI-LEE Banjo Elbow (Medium-Pressure Version) Type FI-RSWND Banjo Elbow (High-Pressure Version) Type FI-RSW...

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STAUFF Connect Overview of Tube Connection Systems Cutting Ring 24° Tube Connectors with Single / Double Edge Cutting Ring Soft-Sealing Cutting Ring 24° Tube Connectors with Soft-Sealing Cutting Ring Union Nut 24° Weld Cone with O-Ring 24° Tube Connectors with Weld Cones Fitting Body STAUFF Form Adaptor Ring with Elastomeric Sealing STAUFF Form Tube Forming System 24°/ 37° Flared Cone Adaptor with O-Rings Union Nut for 37° Flared Tube Fittings 37° Flared Tube End Support Sleeve 37° Flared Tube Connectors Fitting Body with 24° Taper and O-Ring Tube Connectors with 24° Taper / O-Ring (DKO)...

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STAUFF Connect Assembly Tools and Devices STAUFF Form Tube Forming Machine Cutting Ring Pre-Assembly and Final Assembly Machine with Automatic Pressure Setting Portable Cutting Ring Assembly Machine with Manual Pressure Setting Assembly Stud for the Manual Cutting Ring Assembly Produktübersicht Connect EN.indd 7 STAUFF Form Tube Forming System Type SFO-F Type SPR-PRC-POC Type SPR-PRC-H-SET Type FI-FK / FI-VK Combined Cutting Ring Pre-Assembly and 37° Flaring Machine with Automatic / Manual Pressure Setting Thread Identification Board Type SPR-PRC-MA Type FI-TIB

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STAUFF Connect STAUFF Canada Ltd. Tel.: +1 416 282 46 08 STAUFF (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Tel.: +66 2 721 73 23 UNITED STATES STAUFF Korea Ltd. Tel.: +82 51 266 66 66 UNITED KINGDOM STAUFF South East Asia Sdn Bhd Tel.: +60 3 5637 7888 STAUFF Corporation (NZ) Ltd. Tel.: +64 9 271 48 12 STAUFF Vietnam Ltd. Tel.: +84 8 3948 1041 You can find detailed contact information at RUSSIAN FEDERATION STAUFF Italia S.r.l. Tel.: +39 031 65 84 94 STAUFF India Pvt. Ltd. Tel.: +91...

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