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Vandal-proof dryers


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Vandal-proof dryers - 2

Technology & Design Made in Germany, innovative design. Powerful high speed motor. Nozzle construction optimized air flow, faster drying. Hand dryer Highspeed Compact For high-traffic facilities that depend on a rugged device. Ideal for schools, gymnasiums, discotheques, industry and public areas. Strong & safe Security screws, theft proof installation, flush-mounted to the wall. Robust housing Brushed stainless steel or powder coated. Hand dryer only* HAND DRYER AirStar T-C1 M HAND DRYER AirStar T-C1 Mw

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Vandal-proof dryers - 3

starmix Made with Passion. Made for you. Hair dryer Highspeed Compact Ideal for public swimming pools. Ensures low operating costs and fast throughput due to high-speed drying. Optimal with height adjustment H-C1 M. HAIR DRYER AirStar TH-C1 Mw HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT AirStar H-C1 M Model

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Vandal-proof dryers - 4

»BETTER WITH STARMIX Inventor of the hot air dryer Expertise in this field since 1925. The ecological alternative to paper- and fabric towels Confirmed by the German Federal Environment Agency (UBA) as the better ecological system. We are a specialist in efficient and low noise air flow technology and energy saving technologies. Perfectly hygienic Integrated system to avoid germs and odours, touchless operated. Made in Germany. Made for you. Since almost 100 years we produce hand and hair dryers at our company‘s headoffice in Baden-Württemberg. eHA – electric Handdryer Association As a...

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