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Sanitary catalog 2020


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Sanitary catalog 2020 - 1

P R O D U C T R A N G E 2 0 2 0 /2 1 Sanitary | Hand Dryers | Hair Dryers | Hospitality HEROES O F TH E S AN I TA RY SECTOR Ideal appliances for hotels, swimming pools, fitness studios, spas, saunas, public facilities, trade and industry.

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Sanitary catalog 2020 - 2

04 Starmix. Made with Passion. Made for you. 06 The solution for your sanitary area 07 The Airstar 08 Hand Dryers 09 Highspeed Hands-in XT 3001 11 Electrical Hand Dryers vs. paper towels 12 Highspeed Compact „AirStar“ T-C1 15 Planning with foresight 18 Vandal-proof dryer T-C1 M & T-C1 Mw 19 Vandal-proof dryer XT 1000 E & XT 1000 ES 20 Comfort dryer TT 1800 E 22 Basic dryer T 70 E 24 Hand Dryers – decision support 26 Hair Dryers 28 Highspeed Compact „Airstar“ TB-C1 29 Highspeed Compact „Airstar“ TH-C1 & H-C1 31 Vandal-proof dryer TH-C1 Mw & H-C1 M 33 Basic dryer TH 70 Z 34 Hair Dryer –...

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Sanitary catalog 2020 - 3

STARMIX PHILOSOPHY Experience our dryers for yourself. Made with Passion. Made for you. For almost a century now, ELECTROSTAR GmbH has been a specialist in the areas of hand dryers and hair dryers, professional vacuum cleaners and sweepers. Starmix has fully committed itself to modern hygiene and innovative, dust-free work. At our offices in Reichenbach/Fils in Germany, we develop, manufacture and sell innovative products with international market standing all over the world. STARMIX – THE INVENTOR OF THE FIRST HOT-AIR HAND DRYER OUR CONTRIBUTION TO ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION Our expertise in...

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Sanitary catalog 2020 - 4

THE SOLUTION FOR YOUR SANITARY AREA The Airstar – assigned to maintain cleanliness. Efficient, environmentally friendly, safe! “May I introduce myself? I am your Airstar… The starmix hot-air hand dryers are by far the most cost-efficient, modern and hygienic drying system around, while at same time being energy-saving and eco-friendly. Durable, safe and maintenance-free – the ideal solution for your sanitary area. COMPLETELY HYGIENIC! Cleanliness and hygiene for your sanitary area! Thanks to their non-touch operation, starmix hair dryers are 100% hygienic and perform just as well as any...

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Sanitary catalog 2020 - 5

HAND DRYERS – HIGHSPEED HANDS-IN XT 3001 HAND DRYERS – HIGHSPEED HANDS-IN XT 3001 Highspeed Hands-in hand dryer XT 3001. The ultra fast hygienic dryer The quickest and most energy efficient high speed hand dryer of its class. A strong, concentrated flow of air sweeps the water off both sides of the hands at a rapid 540 km/h. Hands are dry within approx. 10 seconds! At 30,000 rpm, the particularly durable brushless motor produces an effective high air speed. The clever double-filter system ensures utmost hygiene. Plenty of space! Lots of space for the hands to dry without touching the...

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Sanitary catalog 2020 - 6

HAND DRYERS - HIGHSPEED HANDS-IN XT 3001 PAPER TOWELS VS. HOT-AIR DRYER starmtx The ultra fast and clean hand dryer. Guaranteed cleanliness for your sanitary area! Features: ■ Double filter system: HEPA- and MESH-filter ■ Switch for reducing motor speed ■ Brushless motor with approx. 3,000 hours of service life ■ Water collector ■ Non-touch on / off switch ■ Antibacterial, impact-resistant ABS-plastic housing ■ Electronic display for water collector and filter exchange ■ Sensor safety shutdown ■ Integrated assembly plate ■ Electrical connection ■ Optional: ZeroSmell tabs Hygienic hand...

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Sanitary catalog 2020 - 7

HAND DRYERS – HIGHSPEED COMPACT “AIRSTAR” T-C1 HAND DRYERS – HIGHSPEED COMPACT “AIRSTAR” T-C1 Highspeed Compact hand dryer T-C1. Powerful and economical The Highspeed Compact-Class sets high standards: superior performance, advanced design, easy installation and comfortable operation. An appliance with a sensational price-performance ratio, for fast amortisation. The new generation of hand dryers with sophisticated starmix technology and the high level of quality „Made in Germany“. Save money with high speed. Impact resistant Innovative design and state-of-theart technology – Made in...

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Sanitary catalog 2020 - 8

HAND DRYERS – HIGHSPEED COMPACT “AIRSTAR” T-C1 FORWARD PLANNING The compact, reliable hand dryer in new, stylish design. Proper planning is essential for any architect, planner or operator. Good planning is half the battle! With outstanding performance for fast, skin-friendly and hygienic hand drying. Considerable savings in energy costs: only 1,000 watt nominal power. Optimised air paths and air outlet nozzles as well as highly-developed technology ensure high-quality and high speed hand drying. Simple and easy to service assembly. The automatic sensor controlled safety switch-off and the...

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Sanitary catalog 2020 - 9

HAND DRYERS – VANDAL-PROOF HAND DRYER HAND DRYERS – VANDAL-PROOF HAND DRYER Vandal-proof hand dryers T-C1 M/Mw/XT 1000. No chance – these stars are tough guys Strong, safe and efficient ideal for any public area! In public spaces some equipment needs to be able to withstand the odd blow or kick. Thanks to high-quality components, the vandal-proof hand dryers can withstand the highest demands. The choice of white powder coated or matt brushed steel offers maximum security in public areas. Vandal-proof and energy saving The vandal-proof hand dryers for any facility that, above all, demands...

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Sanitary catalog 2020 - 10

HAND DRYERS - VANDAL-PROOF DRYERS T-C1 M & T-C1 MW HAND DRYERS - VANDAL-PROOF DRYERS XT 1 000 E & XT 1 000 ES starmix The new vandal-proof power dryer for all types of facility. For „hot temper" this hand dryer will be a hard nut to crack. The sturdy hosuing is mounted directly to the wall for a completely secure attachment. The warm airflow helps to create a particularly pleasant hand drying process. The optimised, rotating air outlet nozzle concentrates the airflow for both effective and rapid hand drying. Unbelievably quick. Super-compact. Vandal-proof hand dryers XT 1000 E & XT 1000 ES...

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Sanitary catalog 2020 - 11

HAND DRYERS - COMFORT DRYERS TT 1800 E starmix The comfortable hand dryer. Durable, modern and quiet. The maintenance-free hand dryer in classic design impresses with strong, hygienic warm air flow for particularly pleasant hand drying. Simple, easy-to-service and economical wall mounting, without opening the device. The impact-resistant ABS housing and the maintenance-free, very quiet and above all long-lasting, brushless motor guarantee a long life. Sensor safety switch-off after approx. 4 minutes (e. g. in the case of chewing gum vandalism). Features: ■ Non-contact on / off switch ■...

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