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FOUR SIZES. AND ALL OF THEM GREAT. STAHLWILLE’S SLIP-JOINT PLIERS SET. Since only the right tools can produce the required results, STAHLWILLE has compiled this set of slip-joint pliers. Four pliers with lengths of up to 300 mm and the exclusive, mini slip-joint pliers that are a mere 125 mm long. The tools in this set put you firmly in control. All four pliers feature ergonomically designed handles and a box joint to meet the highest demands. STAHLWILLE quality – down to the last detail. A gripping solution. Get yours now. SET OF FOUR PLIERS The right tool for every job 6590 | Code 96 65 51 15 Set consisting of four slip-joint pliers, L 300 mm, 240 mm, 175 mm

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Slip-joint pliers set - 2

^STAHLWILLE^) BOTH RESILIENT AND ARTICULATE. STAHLWILLE SLIP-JOINT PLIERS.Well-thought-out, not just a pretty head - STAHLWILLE slip-joint pliers. High-grade, hardened steel and the box joint enable even the most demanding jobs to be addressed, while, at the same time, ensuring long service lifetimes. The integrated anti-pinch design and special handles with a textured plastic surface allow safe, ergonomic working. Available in four sizes - even as mini slip-joint pliers. Ergonomically designed - the carefully crafted handle shape and plastic sleeves ensure a firm grip and...

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