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MADE I IQA-IN theUDM^ MADE TO MEASURE. TORQUE WRENCH MODEL »ED« Electronic torque wrenches from Jetco stand out due to their impressive functionality -without forfeiting safety or being complicated to use. With a display deviation value of only ± 1%, the ED models are among the most accurate on the market. Add to this the patented, large-format display, that can be swivelled through 180° to make it easy to read off from any standpoint. Operation is intuitive and only needs four buttons. To make sure the preset value is not exceeded, three LEDs based on the traffic lights system let the user know in good time when the preset target torque has been reached. Torque wrench model »ED« o Display deviation value only ± 1% for excellent measuring accuracy o Patented, rotating display with large digits - easy to read at any angle o Two decimal places for exact setting o Simple, intuitive operation and wide measurement range (10-100%) o Two measurement modes: track & peak hold and three measurement units (N-m, ft-lb, in-lb) o Super fast measurements - up to 2500 samples per second o Optical and acoustic signals o Ergonomically designed handle ensures strain-free work o Force loading point independent o Long battery charge o Quality »made in USA«.

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imeiusAi MADE TO MEASURE. TORQUE WRENCH MODEL »ED« Torque wrench model »ED« Jetco code No. in-lb ft-ib ■ " L mm R g JETCO - A member of the STAHLWILLE Group JETCO Torque Tools LLC ■ 835 Meridian St ■ Irwindale CA 91010 Tel: +1 626-359-2881 ■ Fax: +1 626-359-8315 ■ ■ Vertrieb Deutschland: STAHLWILLE Eduard Wille GmbH & Co. KG Lindenallee 27 ■ 42349 Wuppertal ■ Germany ■ 91 97 50 33 including extension

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