19-piece set of sockets 40/16/3QR SCI 1/4"


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19-piece set of sockets 40/16/3QR SCI 1/4" - 1

THE GREATEST. WHEN IT GETS TIGHT. 19-piece set of sockets 40/16/3QR SCI 1/4" u design. The 1/4" QuickRelease fine-tooth operator. Unrivalled smooth action, even ratchet with the steel handle facilitates use even in when applying high torques – thanks to the precision awkward spaces. 80 teeth and a ratchet angle of only engineered bearing and resilient mechanisms 4.5° make work that much more efficient. 11Maximum effect. Although designed to be extremely The special-purpose fabric, reinforced zip and durable seams make these tool wallets extremely resilient. compact, this 19-piece set includes the most crucial Tools are well protected by the special-purpose hard-foam supplements such as an extension, bit holder and bits (slotted, PH and TORX). Perfect for most common working scenarios. Only 9 cm The AS Drive® profile provides The QuickRelease safety lock Only 9 cm long, the steel-handled FOD compliant. The preferred choice extremely good force transmission enables rapid tool changes and version is the perfect assistant in in safety-relevant fields such as without stripping the edges off the secures them reliably during work particularly confined working spaces. aerospace, thanks to the screwless The 80 teeth and ratchet angle of only 4.5° ensure efficient worki

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19-piece set of sockets 40/16/3QR SCI 1/4" - 2

^stahlwillei£) 40/16/3QR SCI set of sockets 1/4" □ | 19-piece set Code 91 22 04 18 No. Units Description Now available through your STAHLWILLE dealer rather special -but not alone! Whether it is the 2-component grip or steel-handled version, whether it is the hne-tooth flexible-joint ratchet or the Hi-Lok version, STAHLWILLE's family of flne-tooth ratchets offers the most appropriate solution for every standard drive (1/4", 3/8" up to 1/2").

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