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Round Connectors 1-pole, uninsulated


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STÄUBLI ELECTRICAL CONNECTORS Long-term solutions – Expert connections Stäubli Electrical Connectors is a leading Stäubli develops, produces, sells and ser- Our customers depend on our expertise and international manufacturer of high-qual- vices products for markets with the high- our active support, even when dealing with ity electrical contacts and connector est productivity and safety standards. As unusual challenges. With Stäubli, you’re en- systems and solutions for industrial recognized specialists, our focus is always tering into a long-term partnership built on applications. We are...

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Application and advantages Staubli uninsulated, single-pole round connectors are optimally suitable for efficient connecting solutions. We offer a broad range of plugs and sockets for various application areas. Those include the power industry, switchgears, busbar connections, manufacturing systems, test benches, cable coupling and many other industrial applications. Thanks to the unique and tested MULTILAM Technology, Staubli connectors guarantee high lifetime and reliability in applications with demanding requirements. To meet our customers’ demands, Staubli offers standard as well as 100...

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ContentsPage 7 Introduction Page 28Page 8 Connectors with AxiClamp termination ■ Round connectors and cable connectors 0 8 mm, 0 12 mm, 0 16 mm, 0 20 mm ■ Cable connectors with AxiClamp termination Page 31 ■ with thread termination B...N ■ with external thread termination BL...N ■ with external MULTILAM BL...A Page 36 ■ with thread termination S...N Page 37 ■ with crimp termination SP...N Page 23 Staubli Locking system ■ (AR-System) Page 24 Sockets with snap-in lock ■ With thread termination B...AR-N ■ With crimp termination BP...AR-N 4 Round Connectors 1-pole uninsulated Plugs with snap-in...

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General information Colour code For items available in various colours, replace the asterisk “*” with the appropriate colour code. Copyright The use of this catalogue for any other pur-pose, in whatever form, without our prior written consent is not permitted. RoHSready Directive 2002/95/EC on the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment Accessories or special tools exist for this product F=í • m 1 Before use, please read the enclosed user information 000. Changes / Provisos All data, illustrations and drawings in the catalogue have been...

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UNLIMITED POSSIBILITIES FOR CONTACT SOLUTIONS MULTIL AM are specially formed and This makes the MULTIL AM Technology the resilient contact elements. All Stäubli best choice for applications with demanding Electrical Connectors products benefit from the unique and outstanding perfor- mance of the MULTIL AM Technology. Thanks to their constant spring pressure, Reliable and longlife operation due to constantly high performance Safe operation under highest environ- MULTIL AM louvers ensure continuous con- mental demands on temperature, vibra- tact with the contact surface, resulting in a...

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Single-pole round connectors, uninsulated The standard plug connections are made of Attention: Before initial use, all threads and brass (crimping sleeve is copper) and are sil- mating sliding surfaces of contact parts ver plated approx. 6μm. Special connections should be covered with a thin lubrication with other dimensions or materials as well film (see page 40, Lubricant). as special silver plating for a higher plugging frequency, are available on request. Stäubli MULTIL AM Crimp termination (see crimping pliers, page 37) Thread termination Connection aids to be ordered separately (see...

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CONNECTORS WITH AXICLAMP TERMINATION Round connectors with AxiClamp¹⁾ termination Everywhere applicable where on fast and simple way a pluggable electrical connection is required. B...AX/... Grooves for circlips for panel mounting With a form shroud tubing the connection can be insulated page 36, what is AxiClamp? sizes up to 300 mm²,

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1) The rated current value depend also on the used conductor 2) R.m.s. value cross section. 3) On this place the respective range of the conductor cross section ist engraved. Round Connectors 1-pole uninsulated 9

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Cable connectors with AxiClamp¹⁾ termination Everywhere applicable where on fast and simple way a cable connection is required e.g. for broken cables or for cable extensions. AxiClamp termination with turnable ring, prevents rotation during screw clamping. page 36, what is AxiClamp? sizes up to 300 mm², on request

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With a form shroud tubing the cable connectors can be insulated Round Connectors 1-pole uninsulated 11

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Sockets B...N with thread termination B...N sockets in a slide-in unit Crimping sleeves H...N/M... to change the thread termination to a crimp termination, see page 31. Matching parts S...N page 18 Matching parts SP...N page 20 Connection aids page 33-35 Termination examples Cable lug 12  Round Connectors 1-pole uninsulated Contact bloc Insulated housi

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Sockets BL...N with external thread BL...N sockets for plug-in high current connection The BL-sockets with external thread must extreme loads and mounting conditions and external MULTIL AM instead of a thread is be screwed against a fixed stop, or screwed where a stop is not possible, a socket with into the busbar with 2 nuts and washers. For Matching parts S...N page 18 Matching parts SP...N page 20 Connection aids pages 33-35 Termination examples Busbar 14  Round Connectors 1-pole uninsulated Contact block (with stop)

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Withdrawal force Insertion force Tightening torque Contact resistance Rated peak withstand current Note: Before assembly the threads must be covered with a thin lubricating film (see page 40 Lubricant). temperature value 3) With locking system 4) Only on request, not in stock 2) r.m.s. sollte bevor Montageanleitung. mich unbedingt le- Ich beinhalte wertvolle wendet! aber zur korrekten Montage gut klein, ganz Assembly instructions MA021

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