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Power transmission and distribution Connectors | Advanced connection solutions

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A PARTNER WITH VISION An international group for all industry sectors Stäubli, a market-leading company, strives ements: Our solutions increase reliability, opment, application technology, test pro- for innovation to provide answers to current cesses, quality assurance and supply chain and future challenges for advanced connec- er-friendly, thus increasing productivity as management. With optimal support in every tion solutions. well as user safety. phase of your project, you can gain added value on an international level. Stäubli develops and implements tailored Experience for your...

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CUSTOMIZED INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS Our technology for your vision Sustainable performance The global economy is subject to constant change. Rapid growth in cities around the world, progressive digitization, as well as energy transformation, e-mobility and challenges related to climate change are crucial key words. The increasing demand for energy and the associated expansion of alternative energies as well as an uninter- asing rated Incre ircuit cu and r r en t rt-c s sho distribution. Expertise in Power Engineering With its high-performance products and innovative solutions, Stäubli...

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OUR EXPERTISE FOR YOUR PERFORMANCE Advanced technology Stäubli offers technologically leading Unmatched technology solutions. With a passion for innovation, Reliability, maximum operational safety and The Stäubli MULTILAM are specially formed we focus on maximum product efficiency longevity are trademarks of Stäubli solu- and resistant contact elements. Thanks to and user safety. Each Stäubli assembly is tions. The unique MULTILAM technology their constant contact force, MULTILAM lou- designed and manufactured with careful- is both the basis for and guarantee of per- vers ensure continuous...

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UNLIMITED APPLICATIONS High-performance contact solutions for a reliable current flow Typical areas of application and product examples Energy production Power transmission Energy distribution and transformation Energy use Mobile emergency power supply Energy storage 6  Power transmission and distribution

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Medium voltage Low voltage Connectors, single-pole, uninsulated Fork plugs High voltage Extra-high voltage Customer-specific solutions Connectors, single-pole, insulated Medium voltage Low voltage Rapid connection systems Test and measurement technology Power transmission and distribution  7

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MULTILAM in use High voltage direct current transmission Round and, above all, fork plugs from For worldwide electrification, AC transmis- Stäubli are optimally suited to replace sion was originally implemented as it could screw connectors: They easily withstand be increased for long distances and stepped high short-circuit currents and the associat- down again for distribution. Today, high-voltage DC transmission is be- design, guarantee the necessary flexibility coming more widespread thanks to power for tolerance compensation. This minimizes transmission with minimal losses and in-...

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Power transmission and distribution - 9

Switchgear MULTILAM have always been used very Its high electrical, mechanical and thermal successfully in all areas of medium- and performance make it the optimal contact high-voltage switchgears, which are ex- posed to extreme loads. In disconnecting The excellent properties of the two-com- and earthing switches, in circuit breakers or ponent MULTILAM are the guarantee for in busbar connections, the highest short-cir- functional reliability throughout the entire cuit currents must be carried and 10,000 or service life of a switchgear. The MULTILAM more switching cycles must be withstood....

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Power transmission and distribution - 10

FROM EXPERIENCE Experts in high-current solutions Connection solutions in power transmission Round, flat and modular connectors and distribution are subject to the highest Plug and sliding contact for static and dynamic applications Low, medium and high voltage Contacts in air- and gas-insulated switchgear Isolator switches and earthing switches Circuit breaker Pluggable cable terminations and transformer connections Replacement of multiple-row contact springs and finger contacts Busbar connections demands: In large systems, electrical contacts ensure proven power transmission over many...

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Power transmission and distribution - 11

Excellent performance characteristics for higher productivity Score points with innovation Efficient technology The MULTILAM flexo ML-CUX is the newest contact solutions: With ML-CUX, you can cre- The ML-CUX guarantees long-lasting, re- product innovation within the MULTILAM ate compact solutions with high-power densi- liable and low-loss energy transfer and ef- portfolio. It sets new standards for high-pow- ty. The special construction allows a simple fectively contributes to decreasing the total er contact elements. It is a two-component use of MULTILAM in a straight, cost-effective...

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Power transmission and distribution - 12

PORTFOLIO EXCERPT The MULTILAM Family MULTILAM flexo – Two-component torsion spring with “stretchable” design The MULTILAM flexo ML-CUX is a • Very high rated currents and short-circuit high-power contact element through and through: adaptable, flexible and econom- • High degree of tolerance compensation • Simple installation in a straight, cost-ef- Typical markets: Power engineering • Material and cost reductions thanks to fective groove For example, it can be used in high-power contacts, insertion and sliding contacts or high performance beryllium-free as a high-performance compact...

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MULTILAM torsio – Single-component torsion spring The all-rounder with excellent value for money: versatile, high-performance and extremely reliable. • Very good electrical and thermal prop- erties • Suitable for very high frequencies up to the GHz range Typical markets: Power engineering, utility, aeronautics • Different tape thicknesses for press-in sockets or high mating cycles • Suitable for flat contact and fork plugs For example, it can be used in high-power • High vibration and shock resistance contacts, slide and rotating contacts, fork plugs and flat contacts. MULTILAM lineo –...

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