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Modular Power Connector MPC Railwayline | Industrial Connectors

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Modular Power Connector MPC - 2

STÄUBLI ELECTRICAL CONNECTORS Long-term solutions – Expert connections Stäubli Electrical Connectors is a leading Stäubli develops, produces, sells and ser- Our customers depend on our expertise and international manufacturer of high-qual- vices products for markets with the high- our active support, even when dealing with ity electrical contacts and connector est productivity and safety standards. As unusual challenges. With Stäubli, you’re en- systems and solutions for industrial recognized specialists, our focus is always tering into a long-term partnership built on applications. We are...

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Modular Power Connector MPC - 3

The Modular Power Connectors (MPC) Thanks to the unique and tested MULTIL AM • Compact solutions can be used in the following applications: Technology, our Modular Power Connectors • Easy and fast assembly • Every rolling stock: regional trains, high guarantee high lifetime and reliability in ap- • Suitable for harsh environments plications with the most demanding require- • Easy and fast maintenance ments. They feature: • Same system for every power speed trains, metros, locomotives etc. • All on-board power applications for inter-car connection on the roof or under the cars, traction...

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Modular Power Connector MPC - 4

The Concept This product range is designed to carry out the electric connections between several • Assembly of several HV single pole functions of the electrical chain of traction present on railway rolling stock. The Modular Power Connector MPC has the advantage of a universal multi-application, • Suited for cable cross-section from compact and modular solution, through the • 2 sizes of housings available common components. • traight and right angled for plug S versions • Panel mount receptacles available in crimp, cable lug or busbar version

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Modular Power Connector MPC - 5

Technical data Electrical data Number of poles Rated current  Higher current possible (depending on temperature) Rated voltage Test voltage Cable cross section Protection, mated Creepage distance Clearance distance, acc. to EN 50124-1/OV3 - PD 3 CTI (Comparative Tracking Index) Type of termination for the receptacle Crimping/Threading for Busbar or cable lug Mechanical data Mating cycles Category 2 Bogie ounted m Material Carrier Stainless steel Climatic data Operating temperature Surrounding temperature Salt spray test Norms Railway applications – Rolling stock – Electrical connectors,...

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Modular Power Connector MPC - 6

Assembly and Combinations The assembly of MPC connectors varies from 1 to 5 poles in-line and enables The range of products is made up of (MPC-B), as well as receptacles (MPC-X). straight connectors (MPC-S), right angled The various possible combinations are shown in the chart below: Right Angled 6  Modular Power Connector Mobil Right Angled Male

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Modular Power Connector MPC - 7

Field of application Type of connections between cars Intercar couplings under cars under cars Container/ Converter connection Customer specific Modular Power Connector  7

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Modular Power Connector MPC - 8

Application examples 1 3 Intercar couplings or motor, flat connection Intercar couplings, on the roof, cable output at 60° Intercar couplings, on the roof, cable output at 90° 8  Modular Power Connecto

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Modular Power Connector MPC - 9

Intercar couplings, converter container connections Intercar couplings, converter container connections Modular Power Connector  9

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Modular Power Connector MPC - 10

Application examples Examples of intercar couplings with straight and right-angled MPC plug combinations. Even three-level solutions are possible. Examples of motor and converter ontainer connections. Straight or right-angled connections in combination with a panel receptacle are no problem for c the MPC. 10  Modular Power Connecto

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Modular Power Connector MPC - 11

Customer-specific configuration We can create a customer-specific MPC designed solely according to your specific Please provide us with the following data: Combination of Connectors • MPC-S – MPC-S • MPC-S – MPC-X • Cross section • MPC-BS – MPC-X • Outer diameter on insulation (min + max) • MPC-BS – MPC-S • Nominal current (permanent) • Peak current • With threading for cable lugs • Short circuit current (Icc + time) • With threading for busbars • Nominal voltage • Test voltage • Coding • Shielding • Dynamic cable option/strain relief • Protection cap (against dust) for c ontacts when...

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Modular Power Connector MPC - 12

Stäubli Units Representatives / Agents Global presence of the Stäubli Group Staubli is a trademark of Stäubli International AG, registered in Switzerland and other countries. We reserve the right to modify product specifications without prior notice. © Stäubli 2021. | Photo credits: Stäubli, Shutter

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