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Automotive industry Connectors | Advanced connection solutions

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INNOVATIVE PARTNER An international group serving all industrial sectors Stäubli, a leading market company, quality and design. Our solutions improve Whether you are a manufacturer, an equipment continually pushes for innovation, the reliability, efficiency, performance and supplier or a systems integrator, energy addressing current and future needs for usability of equipment, thereby raising the management is a key part of production advanced connection solutions. productivity and guaranteeing operator safety. chains and can assist in optimizing perfor- Developing and delivering...

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Advanced connection solutions throughout the plant Bodyshop ¡ Body transfer system ¡ Automatic tool changing ¡ Spot/Arc/Laser welding ¡ Finishing line Stamping ¡ Transfer press ¡ Machine & die equipment ¡ Automatic tool chan

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Final assembly ¡ Compressed air lines ¡ Fluid filling machines Paintshop ¡ Painting connection ¡ Breathing air ¡ Compressed air on the finishing line E-mobility ¡ Testing ¡ Cooling ¡ Battery connection Powertrain ¡ Assembly line ¡ Filling and draining ¡ Engine and transmission test Electrical connectors Quick-release couplings Automatic robotic tool changers Casting foundry Centralized connection systems ¡ Machine and mold equipment ¡ Automatic tool changers

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ENGINEERING EXPERTISE Advanced solutions to maximize Innovation and operator safety Expert partners Safety is a priority, especially for electrical The quality of the relationship we have with Production chains must combine flexibility and high pressure applications. Our our customers is a high priority. Our experts and performance to ensure they meet the expertise, innovations and continuous work closely with you, enabling us to under- increasing demands of time restrictions, mul- involvement in safety standards allow us to stand your requirements and to provide tiple vehicle models and...

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Stäubli Units Stäubli Units Vertretungen / Agenten Representatives/Agents Global presence of the Stäubli Group Staubli is a trademark of Stäubli International AG, registered in Switzerland and other countries. © Stäubli 2019. We reserve the right to modify product specifications without prior notice. | Photocredits: Stäubli, ©Getty images: Westend61/ Blend Images/ Caiaimage/ Rana Dias/ Monty Rakusen, ©Fotalia: s

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