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FAST MOVING TECHNOLOGY Aerospace, transportation and logistics Connectors Advanced connection solutions

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FAR-SIGHTED PARTNER An international Group serving all industrial sectors Stäubli, a leading market force, continually pushes for innovation, addressing current and future needs for advanced connection solutions. Developing and delivering high-performance solutions tailored to specific business requirements, as well as understanding and anticipating the trends shaping each branch of industry, is the strategy pursued by Stäubli, as global leader in advanced connection solutions for all applications: fluid, gas and electrical. Fluid mono-connections, electrical connections, multi-connection...

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OUR FIELD OF EXPERTISE Cold plates with electronics Heat exchanger Cooling line Refrigerant line Electronic systems – Liquid cooling Split system Quick-release couplings on air conditioning components (compressor, condenser, evaporator), enable the system to be assembled and disassembled without draining and refilling the circuit with refrigerant. This is the optimal configuration for modular transport devices, like chillers, and air conditioning for tents or shelters. Quick disconnections and reconnections of liquid circuits for easy maintenance of electronic systems. Refrigerant – Fill &...

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Ground maintenance De-icing Refuelling Refrigerant line Fuel line Steering line Coolant line Heating line Braking line Hydraulic line Fuel & Airport Power pack & test benches Fuel logistics From the refinery to the final user, fuel transportation requires many connection points. From STANAG to specific dedicated profiles, Stäubli assures safe and non-spill connections. Connections in confined environment uel lines: from tank to engine and return. F oolant and heating lines: connections from the engine to the C radiator or from the engine to the heating system can be rapidly secured....

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PEMFC module Quick connection High-pressure bottles to be filled Fuel cells & batteries Medical F ield hospitals and their logistics during natural disasters need a rapid setup of all installations. Many fluid and electrical connections must be completed for a full commissioning of the modular elements (devices, shelters, tents, etc.). Batteries The transport sector is energetically transitioning. Unlike combustion engines, new transportation will use electrical energy, which has to be stored onboard. Batteries for high-power supplies must be cooled to optimize performance. This is...

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Relay/RCCB connections Circuit breakers connections Rackable server and CPU connections Rackable power supply connections Power electronics connections Rackable power amplifier connections Power conversion connections Back plane connections SSPC connections Power generation, distribution, & conversion Electronic components & systems Switching devices Either to open/close circuits or to protect loads, actual switching devices are dealing with higher power requirements and the need to be replaceable. Stäubli's power connector solutions allow circuits to be connected directly into the power...

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OUR UNIQUE EXPERTISE AND PARTNERSHIP From your objectives to our solutions Our Stäubli specialists are constantly increasing their knowledge of the field by listening attentively to their customers and reinforcing close collaboration. The quality of these relationships enables them to analyze each requirement in order to develop the appropriate connection solution that will perfectly meet the expressed needs. Whatever solution is proposed, every single one features the advantages the Stäubli range is so well-known for: Compactness aximum flow at minimum size. M Safety ressure-tightness...

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OUR UNIQUE EXPERTISE AND PARTNERSHIP Working with you from day one of your project The experts in our Research & Development teams offer thorough support in designing solutions that will meet the requirements of your application in every respect and be compatible with your existing equipment. Stäubli's CAD tools, rapid prototyping, and dedicated testing equipment ensure the suitability of the components as defined by your specifications. Quality above all else Stäubli's production, metrology, and metallurgy departments utilize the latest technology to assure the best quality of the products...

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Limitless expertise Stäubli develops quick connection solutions that are ideal for extreme operating conditions at sea, on land and in the air. With broad and profound expertise in the most specific applications, Stäubli offers an unlimited response to its customer's requirements. Medical In emergency situations, it must be possible to set up advanced medical stations as close as possible to risk areas. With its wide-ranging expertise, Stäubli is able to equip field hospitals and provide connections for filling oxygen cylinders. Filling With their high resistance to hydrocarbons, pressure...

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Stäubli Units Global presence of the Stäubli Group Staubli is a trademark of Stäubli International AG, registered in Switzerland and other countries. © Stäubli 2020. We reserve the right to modify product specifi cations without prior notice. Photo credits: Getty Images: guvendemir - Serega - Douglas Sacha - Monty Rakusen - Caiaimage-Agnieszka Olek - Stocktrek Images • Stäubli • Illustratio

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