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LIFT-O-MAT Gas Spring | general Standard LIFT-O-MAT | with hydraulic compression and extension damping Standard LIFT-O-MAT | with dynamic compression and extension damping Standard LIFT-O-MAT | with decreasing or progressing spring function LIFT-O-MAT FR | for innitely variable holding Without gas springs, today’s comfortoriented world would be less comfortable. They provide safety in function and use. Any pleasant properties that the end user experiences, increases the value perception of the respective product. Gas springs assist with lifting, lowering, opening, and closing. Gas springs dampen. They make technology comfortable. The LIFT-O-MAT with hydraulic damping has an additional oil ll. The oil reduces the speed as the end position is approached, as soon as the piston leaves the gas and enters the oil chamber. The use of patented Labyrinth pistons and the viscosity of the oil determine the damping degree; the oil amount used determines the damping range. The LIFT-O-MAT with dynamic damping is a gas spring whose damping properties are determined primarily through a groove in the pressure cylinder. By reducing or increasing the groove cross-section, the speed of motion can be varied over the entire stroke. Thus, the motion can be slowed down continuously, until it comes almost to a stop. By varying the groove geometry, LIFT-O-MAT can be adapted ideally to almost any application. Different compression and extensions characteristics can be realized as well as dampened approaching of intermediate positions. A gas spring that uses additional coil springs affects very high or very low spring forces in the end positions, depending on the installation mode. Based on the application or requirements, rubber cushion or coil springs are used to achieve a very gentle end stop, in addition to the gas spring effect. The coil spring length and force can be adapted otimally to the respective application. The LIFT-O-MAT FR is a gas spring featuring a special piston package with an integrated friction element, which – in addition to force support – allows innitely variable holding over the entire adjustment range. Even weight uctuations between dened limits, for example due to varying loads, can be offset. The HYDRO-LIFT features a valve in its piston, which, in addition to user-optimized force support, allows innitely variable positioning in the compression range. Controlled by a spring, the valve holds the position until a dened pressure, which is applied to the object by hand, opens the valve. The extension force is specied in such a manner that the gas spring does not extend by itself. Depending on the design of the HYDRO-LIFT, the hold function can be active across the entire adjustment range or in one or more partial ranges of the application. LIFT-O-MAT gas springs are non-locking gas springs. They are used whenever components, such as doors, aps, and lids, must be brought into a dened position. LIFT-O-MAT controls the extension force and damping action depending on the function, thereby ensuring user-friendly motion sequences. Areas of application for LIFT-O-MAT are doors and aps in machine and system design, automotive construction, medical technology, the furniture industry and other industrial applications. Pressure cylinder end tting Pressure tube Piston package Guide and sealing package With the respective equipment, LIFT-O-MAT with hydraulic damping can be customized to match the task to be performed. LIFT-O-MAT provides comfortable damping in the end stop range of doors or aps. Any unchecked force application to hinges or joints is effectively prevented; the motion sequence is controlled and harmonious. Damping range Following the laws of gravity, the advantages of this gas spring are used according to the installation orientation: with the piston rod pointing down (extension-damped) or the piston rod pointing up (compressiondamped). Friction element LIFT-O-MAT FR allows free positioning of the application, without the need to actuate a lock or release mechanism. For special applications with non-linear force curves and for complex installation positions with exacting opening characteristics. LIFT-O-MAT FR provides for comfort in the application and makes work easier for the user. Specic advantage of the decreasing or progressive LOM: HYDRO-LIFT is used to safely x the application, without the need to use a release mechanism. Special advantage: Mechanical spring Possible areas of application are backrest and footrest adjustment of recliners, foot panels in hospital and nursing home beds, service aps, or roof windows. • Ergonomic, variable positioning of the application Additional advantages of the dynamic LIFT-O-MAT: Simple structure Excellent price/performance ratio Standard product line Damping in compression and extension direction possible Piston valve Unlike the gas-lled version, the oil-lled HYDRO-LIFT features are limited, rigid locking in the compression direction, thereby eliminating bounce. Its application possibilities are wide ranging; for example, wall cabinets in kitchen applications or free-moving arms in medical technology or in the electronics industry. • Special forces in the end position range A typical area of application of this LIFT-O-MAT variation include doors and aps in machine and system design, medical technology, the furniture industry, as well as other industrial applications where the piston rod swivels from top to bottom. Additional advantages of the dynamic LIFT-O-MAT: • Innitely variable locking into position • End position locking • Supple or rigid behavior in the locked position • Additional functions, such as electric switches, STOP function, locking, etc. can be integrated Damping range The LIFT-O-MAT with dynamic damping works regardless of its orientation, thereby approaching any position comfortably, without stressing hinges and joints. Advantages and properties: • Optimized weight compensation during lifting, lowering, opening, and closing • Broad selection of sizes and force variants in the standard product line • Flat spring characteristic curve; i.e., low force increase, even at high forces and large strokes • Linear, progressive, or decreasing spring characteristic curve • Compact design for installation in small spaces • Large variety of end ttings for efcient assembly • Damped adjustment motion over dened ranges or continuously • Controlled extension speed Special advantage: • Function independent of installation orientation • Dened speed control • Great inuence on the damping characteristics • Holds the application without a release mechanism Piston valve Decreasing spring characteristic curve Force Progressive spring characteristic curve Force INTER-STOP | with holding range LIFT-O-MAT PTL | with stop in the compressed position LIFT-O-MAT | with end position stop in the extended position KOMBI-LIFT | with lever LIFT-O-MAT INOX LINE | stainless steel The INTER-STOP gas spring combines the properties of the LIFT-O-MAT with dynamic damping and the holding functions of the HYDRO-LIFT, with the holding force working in the extension direction. The stroke can be divided into one or more function areas. For example, one function area might perform the stopping or hold the application load in any position, until a manual force is applied, for example by hand. Then there might be an additional range for free extension with force support, which could be stopped at a dened point. The LIFT-O-MAT PTL is a gas spring with an additional mechanical lock in the compressed position. In addition to force support, the LIFT-O-MAT gas spring with end position stop also provides a safe mechanical lock of the application in the extended position. As a rule, two variations are available: The KOMBI-LIFT is a combination of locking and non-locking gas springs; that is, a specied segment of the stroke can lock during extension. It is locked by actuating the lever on the piston rod. The function areas can be arranged in any form over the entire stroke. It can be compressed independent of the lever position, like a standard LIFT-O-MAT. The LIFT-O-MAT INOX LINE is a gas spring that is particularly corrosion resistant due to the use of V4A steel (see DIN EN 100 88-1). Depending on the function as well as the manufacture / assembly, STABILUS offers a broad variety of end ttings and joints made of plastic and metal, which can be screwed on torsion-free. Here you will nd a selection of popular end ttings. Instead of a lever, all available actuation systems of the BLOC-O-LIFT can be used as well. The LIFT-O-MAT INOX LINE is used in corrosive environments, e.g., in sea air or industrial exhaust gases. They provide very good corrosion protection, even in acid or alkaline environments. Piston valve The compression function of the gas spring is the same as in a standard LIFT-O-MAT. Locked in compressed position Similar to the ball point pen principle, the lock can be released by a light push; the gas spring then extends by itself. In the gas spring with the stop on the outside, a support tube at the end of the piston rod folds out automatically. To unlock, the support tube is swiveled back into the central position. Besides the force support function, LIFT-O-MAT PTL features an end position stop, thereby eliminating the need for additional xing elements. At the same time, LIFT-O-MAT PTL is easy and comfortable to use. The LIFT-O-MAT PTL is used especially in furniture, e.g.: in recessed connector strips in conference tables, bar compartments, backrests of sofas, armrests, and head-rests adjustment. Areas of application are, among others, service aps, hoods, car hoods, doors, roof windows – wherever different opening points are desired. Press (release button) The lock of a gas spring with the lock on the inside is comparable with the mechanics of a ball point pen. A light push on the piston rod in the extended position locks it; a quick movement in the extension direction releases the lock. Support tube LIFT-O-MAT Inox Line is non-magnetic. The oils used as uids are biodegradable and are classied as “no hazard to water” in the water hazard class (WGK). A typical area of application is the door and ap limitation in utility vehicle cab design. Typical areas of application are environmental and water supply technology, the food industry, plant construction, shipbuilding, chemical industry, as well as military technology. Advantage: A lock is always necessary or recommended, if the application needs to be protected against accidental adjustment or if the application is subject to forces that exceed the extension force of the spring. Such forces could be wind or snow loads affecting the application. Special advantage: • Wide variety of opening functions Locked in extended position Holding range Leaf spring • Combined functionality for special applications Stainless steel Stainless steel pressure tube We will gladly help you with your ideal solution. Stainless steel piston rod Specic advantages: Stainless steel Typical areas of application are heavy doors on harvesters or bale presses, trailers for street vendors and street fairs. Pressure cylinder end tting • High corrosion protection • Non-magnetic • Environmentally friendly components Cam drum A small selection of Specic advantages: • Releasing the gas spring and adjusting the application with only one hand! • No need to install additional xing elements Locked in extended position

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