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Gas Springs and Dampers for Medical Technology and Rehab Applications - 16 Pages

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Gas Springs and Dampers for Medical Technology and Rehab Applications

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for Medical Technology and Rehab Applications ... technology gives comfort >

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STABILUS products are unique: We take a standard product and customise it according to the requirements and wishes of our customers. Or we develop a new one. We refine, optimise, improve. Continuously.Around the globe, we take the holistic approach; while we are fully aware of our responsibility towards our communities and the environment. In development and production, our primary focus is on modern, environmentally friendly production technologies; we do not lose sight of the environmentally compatible disposal of our products either. Our Ideas are promptly followed by solutions....

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Opening. Closing. Holding. Damping. In medical and rehab technology in particular, comfort and safety are the top require-ments when using any kind of equipment. STABILUS can help in a broad range of applications. Without compromise. Unequivocal. Customer-oriented. Forward-looking.Gas Springs and Dampers for Medical Technology and Rehab Applications 4 STABILUS the Vanguard in Quality, Service, Consulting and Innovation 6 Advantages and Properties of Gas Springs and Dampers 7 Which Gas Spring, which Damper for which Application? 7 Locking Gas Springs 8 Non-locking Gas Springs 10 Dampers 12...

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Medical beds: Locking gas springs from STABILUS are used in operating tables, therapy beds and massage tables. In addition to comfortable height adjustment, they allow progres-sive, easy adjustments of the back, head, and leg sections to the desired incline. Even weight fluctuations between defined limits, for example due to varying body weights, can be covered. > STABILUS gas springs and dampers are used in operating, treatment, and therapy rooms, in hospital wards, in nursing, as well as in the management of hospitals, physicians offices, treatment and rehab centres. Gas springs and...

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Patient hosts: STABILUS dampers are installed as safety components, should an electrical or pneumatic actuator fail. If the actuator fails, the damper brakes the speed, thereby preventing a fast fall or slamming of the patient seat. Physicians and treatment stools: When equipped with STABILUS gas springs, the user can quickly and individually adjust their height. Here, manual actuation and, in particular, foot actuation (3rd hand) is possible. Sanitary containers, trash cans: With STABILUS dampers, the lids and covers of sanitary or trash containers in hospital environ-ments close quietly...

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We guarantee our customers the highest product quality world-wide.Our quality management for each process starts in preliminary planning and stays with the product from the idea to series maturity. Our testing labs continuously monitor the quality of products and processes. STABILUS gas springs and dampers are maintenance-free. Designed for the respective re-quirements, they can work for years reliably without failing.Our goal is ֓zero defect produc-tion! That is why not only end products, but all production lines designed by STABILUS are moni-tored on a regular basis. With our consistent...

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STABILUS offers a broad standard product line yielding a wide variety of gas springs and dampers with different dimen-sions, speed curves, and push-out variants. To develop your individual solution to series maturity, we do not have to reinvent the wheel;Ӕ working from a large selection of basicsӔ we can save development time.Besides the benefits of gas springs in medical and rehab The uses for our gas springs and dampers are nearly unlimited. In this overview, we would like to give you a little orientation guideline for selecting the right product for your application... technology,...

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BLOC-O-LIFT gas springs fulfil functions such as adjusting with force support, damping, and progressive locking. We achieve this with a special piston valve system. If the valve is open, BLOC-O-LIFT provides force sup-port and damping. If the valve is closed, the gas spring locks and provides very high resistance to any motion.BLOC-O-LIFT can have spring or rigid locking. The rigid locking version is available as orientation-specific or non-orientation specific.Ε Infinitely variable locking into position This locking gas spring with additional override function protects applications from...

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BLOC-O-LIFT with corro-sion-protected tappet > In this patented STABILUS solution, the tappet itself is made from stainless steel and sealed with an additional lip seal where the tappet exits the piston rod. This prevents splashed water from entering, counteracting any corrosion transfer between tappet and piston rod. When retrofitted, a standard BLOC-O-LIFT can be easily replaced with a BLOC-O-LIFT with a corrosion-proof tappet, since this component is independent of the installation length. 9 >

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LIFT-O-MAT standard gas springs are non-locking gas springs. They are used whenever components, such as doors, covers, and lids, must be brought into a defined end position. LIFT-O-MAT supports the damping action through its extension force, ensuring smooth motion. Optimised weight compensation during lifting and lowering Օ Dampened adjustment motion over defined ranges or continuously, also with dynamic damping regardless of installation orientation Controlled extension speedՕ Great control over the damping characteristics for dynamic damping The LIFT-O-MAT FR features a special piston...

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The LIFT-O-MAT INOX LINE is a gas spring that is particularly corrosion resistant due to the use of V4A steel (see DIN EN 100 88-1). Excellent corrosion protection in acid or alkaline environments. The gas spring is not magnetic; the oils used are biodegradable and are classified as no hazard to waterӔ in the water hazard class (WGK). Corrosion-resistantՕ Non-magnetic Easy-to-clean surface > Pressure tube fittingstainless steelPressure tubestainless steel Piston rodstainless steelPiston rod fittingstainless steel Applications: Օ Equipment in operating theatres, labs, radiology suites >

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The standard STAB-O-SHOC is a non-pressurised hydraulic damper. STAB-O-SHOC is orientation- specific and achieves its optimum function in almost vertical instal-lation with force transmission without a return stroke, in a single direction of movement. Special variants with horizontal function are also possible, as are models providing force support during extension or path-dependent damping.Ε For lower damping forces Speed-dependent damping of motion and vibration Օ Controlled opening and closing Relief of hinges and adjacent components STAB-O-SHOC HD24/HD29 is a hydraulic vibration damper...

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