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Dampers - 2

We Move Things – Gas Springs and Dampers f r o m S TA B I L U S A life without gas springs and dampers – inconceivable! At S TA B I LU S , p r o d u c t i n d i v i d u a lity means taking a standard product and customizing it according to the requirements and wishes With its innovations in the field achieve and optimize damping highest priority to completely of vibration and impact during opening and closing – with an contributed to making life safer improving existing products. and more comfortable in many areas. future. Yo u r s a t i s f a c t i o n i s o u r g o a l . Automotive and...

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Dampers - 3

Automotive and C o m m e r c i a l Ve h i c l e A p p l i c a t i o n s Vibration dampers Damper s for overru nning brake Various oil hydraulic damper s commercial vehicle seats: dampers affect the vibrations at and safe operation of farming also support standard-compliant equipment, such as field venting force peak s at the brake spring comfort and thus a cable. The damper controls the response behavior of the auto- positive seating experience. matic overrun brake, thus Motion dampers, flap dampers, and end stop dampers ensuring application and safety- Dampers for glove compar t- Dampers...

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Dampers - 4

General Industrial Applications Vibration dampers Motion dampers, flap dampers, and end stop dampers Dampers for washers: The oil hydraulic dampers from Dampers for cabinet doors, drawers, storage shelves, sw- stopping during the spin cycle, ing doors, maintenance doors, thereby providing safe footing S TA B I LU S o il hyd r a u li c d a m p e r s provide safe, comfortable opening and closing of flaps. reduce vibrations caused by the hers and similar household ap- high dynamics in the machining pliances, such as stove, oven, process and provide a high level of safety and long life....

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Dampers - 5

S TA B I L U S – Va n g u a r d i n Q u a l i t y, S e r v i c e , Consulting and Innovation Quality at its best as well as system and standard specifications from a single source, all in close collaboration duct quality – worldwide. For us, quality management of any process starts with preliminary plan- Specialists will be by your side, ning. From product idea to series from the initial idea to series maturit y – we have specialised testing labs to monitor the quality of products and processes. Creative and constructive cooperation fosters trust and custo- mised products. maintenance-free....

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Dampers - 6

Struc ture and Func tion of Oil Hydraulic Dampers Characteristics of Oil Hydraulic Dampers Basic ally, all oil hydraulic single symmetric force distribution in locations of the piston. Here, damper valves. Bottom The damping force results from tube dampers consist of a piston motion energy is transformed tions. Dampers for flap appli- Furthermore, they have a pres- cations dampen in just one sure tube, which on one end is direction of motion, depending on Remember: Damping forces the application. The damping force piston rod seal and a piston rod piston speed. mined at different speeds. The...

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Dampers - 7

Selection and Application of Oil Hydraulic Dampers Function Over view and Selection Matrix Standard product line for dampers: Thank s to stead y availabilit y, Dimensions and model types we can make devices available upon request: at short notice; for example, for solutions with its customers, initial practice trials. available in various t ypes with while strictly adhering to Within a short time, you will different outer dimensions. Due hydraulic dampers in your appli- designs, the individual model types meet different demands. specific development is described This first impression will...

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Dampers - 8

Product Over view S TA B - O - S H O C H D 1 5 / G D 1 5 S TA B - O -S H O C H D15 S TA B - O -S H O C G D15S P Gas damper with separating piston A separating element divides the also has an increased internal work chamber and equalisation pressure. The resulting push- Direct force transmission without out force extends the piston rod transmission without a return a return stroke is only possible in stroke in both direc tions of motion. The damper is under What is special about this so- damping force increases by the increased internal pressure. Damping forces amount of the push-out force....

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Dampers - 9

Product Over view S TA B - O - S H O C H D 2 4 / 2 9 a n d G D 2 4 / 2 9 S TA B - O -S H O C H D2 4 / 2 9 S TA B - O -S H O C G D2 4 / 2 9 Gas damper with separating piston tube damper for various appli- pressure, the piston rod extends cations. Due to a special piston ting orientation is achieved with system with valve plates and a damping properties are very a separating piston. When the similar to those of the standard direction of movement is reversed, tion cross sections, this model is the damping force is immediate B e c a u s e o f t h e “o p e n ” e q u a l i s a t i o n c ha m b e...

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Dampers - 10

Product Over view S TA B - O - S H O C HD24/29BV and HD24MB S TA B - O -S H O C H D2 4 / 2 9 B V with bottom valve In a vertical installation with the piston rod pointing down, the bottom valve allows slip-free and thus direct force transmission. • Damping forces up to 9000 N in tension direction • Damping forces in compression direction up to 2000 N • Damping forces in tension and compression directions can be set independent of each other by the factory • Non-pressurised, no push-out force • No return stroke, direc t instant damping • Position-dependent mounting, only with piston rod down...

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Dampers - 11

Product Over view S TA B - O - S H O C TA D a m p e r S TA B - O -S H O C TA T h e d i a p h r a g m , a d j a c e n t t o t h e o u tside of the pressure tube, absorbs the additional piston rod volume with the shor test possible overall length. This provides slip-free force transmission in any mounting orientation. Due to the special piston system with valve plates, the damping forces can be set variably a n d i n d e p e n d e n t o f e a c h o t h e r. • Damping forces in tension and • No return stroke, direc t inst ant set independent of each other by the factory damping • Mounting in...

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