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BLOC-O-LIFT Gas Spring | general BLOC-O-LIFT | rigid, locking, can be mounted in any orientation BLOC-O-LIFT | rigid locking, vertical installation The BLOC-O-LIFT gas springs are so-called locking gas springs. They are used for functions such as adjustments with force support, damping, as well as innitely variable locking. This is achieved with a special piston valve system. If the valve is open, BLOC-O-LIFT provides force support and damping. If the valve is closed, the gas spring locks and provides high resistance to any motion. Unlike the purely gas-lled BLOC-O-LIFT, where the gas characteristics cause spring locking, in this type of BLOC-O-LIFT, the entire working range of the piston is lled with oil. Depending on the installation of so-called separating pistons, which separate the gas chamber from the oil chamber, different locking forces can be achieved in the extension or compression directions. The maximum allowable locking force depends on the extension force and/or the overall device strength. In this version of rigid locking gas springs, the entire working range of the piston is in oil, resulting in rigid locking, since oil cannot be compressed. Unlike the orientation-independent BLOC-O-LIFT, separating pistons were foregone in favor of lower costs. Flawless function is maintained by gravity; therefore, vertical or almost vertical installation must be ensured. Here, the alignment of the piston rod denes the locking behavior in the pull or push direction. Pressure tube Piston package With valve Basically, there are two types of valve design: a sliding valve with standard actuation of 2.5 mm, and the seat valve with an actuation of 1 mm for extremely short actuation distances. BLOC-O-LIFT can have spring or rigid locking. The rigid locking version is available as orientation-specic or nonorientation specic. Depending on the application, BLOC-O-LIFT can be equipped with a patented, corrosion-free actuation tappet. Primary application areas for BLOC-O-LIFT gas springs are furniture manufacture, medical technology, building technology, aviation and aeronautics, automotive design, and many industrial applications. • Very high oil locking force • Can be installed in any orientation Separating piston Stickstoff Same areas of application as for the BLOC-O-LIFT described before. BLOC-O-LIFT OBT | without locking in extension direction A special form of this BLOC-O-LIFT gas spring is the additional override function. This function, which was designed for special customer requests, is to protect the application from overload. BLOC-O-LIFT OBT permits comfortable upward movements of applications, such as table tops, without the need to actuate a release. This is made possible by a special valve system in the piston package. The override function is available for tension and compression direction; it can be realized in locking gas springs featuring orientation-independent or vertical installation. The override force can be freely dened within certain limits. In the compression direction, BLOC-O-LIFT OBT can be locked in any direction. Product Overview Piston package with valve and coil compression spring Usually, the OBT function of gas springs is used in vertical installations. Typical areas of application are table adjustment systems in hospital nightstands and in student furniture. The BLOC-O-LIFT override function is used in backrest and footrest adjustment of chairs and beds, or in foot panel adjustments of treatment tables and beds. BLOC-O-LIFT | with override function Specic advantage: Piston package with valve and reset spring sealing package • Overload protection Piston rod Actuation tappet Separating piston Advantage: • Innitely variable locking into position BLOC-O-LIFT T | with especially at spring characteristic curve BLOC-O-LIFT | actuation systems STAB-O-SHOC HD15 | for low damping forces STAB-O-SHOC HD24/29 | for high loads STAB-O-SHOC TA20 | for the smallest installation lengths BLOC-O-LIFT T is the design of a gas spring with a particularly at spring characteristic curve, providing an almost even force over the entire stroke. It provides precise, comfortable adjustment and locking of the application. BLOC-O-LIFT T stands out due to its compact design and can be mounted in any position. The actuation mechanism can be operated by hand or foot, via lever or Bowden cable. Stabilus offers different actuation systems for the BLOC-O-LIFT gas spring. The standard STAB-O-SHOC HD15 is a nopressure hydraulic damper. STAB-O-SHOC HD15 is orientation-specic and achieves its optimum function in almost vertical installation with force transmission without a return stroke, in one direction of movement. Horizontal special variations are possible, as are models providing force support during extension or length-controlled damping. STAB-O-SHOC HD24/HD29 is a hydraulic vibration damper for high loads. The dampers are orientation-specic as standard. The TA20 damper is a high-performance, non-pressure, hydraulic vibration damper. It is not orientation-specic, meaning that force transmission without a return stroke is possible in any installation position. Equipping the outside of the pressure tube with a diaphragm allows very short installation lengths. The BLOC-O-LIFT T has been installed successfully in furniture, especially in single and double-column tables, desks, nightstands, or height-adjustable desk tops. Different release heads with lever are available for applications with direct actuation on the gas spring. Release head with lever for direct actuation Bowden cables are used for indirect actuation, i.e., not on the gas spring itself. This system consists of a release head, a Bowden cable, and the actuation unit. Typical areas of application are automotive design, plant design, industrial applications, and the furniture industry. Here, the simple STAB-O-SHOC HD15 is used as a motion damper in ap systems, allowing gentle opening or closing. separating piston Specic advantage: • Even force distribution over the entire stroke • Compact design with a long stroke Equalization chamber STABILUS also provides a wide range of special forms, for example for force transmission without a return stroke in any direction of movement. The characteristic curve can be adapted individually at the factory. Different piston variations allow decreasing, progressive, or almost linear curves. Pressure-loaded and length-controlled variations are also possible. Equalization chamber Separating piston Individual Solutions for Many Applications With its gas springs and hydraulic vibration dampers, STABILUS is the world market leader with an annual production of more than 120 million units. By now, the range of applications for STABILUS products is nearly unlimited. In many areas, STABILUS products make everyday life easier and simply more comfortable. Equalization chamber STABILUS is known for technical innovation, quality, and competitive pricing. Of course, individual, extensive consultation and support with installation in the application can be taken for granted with STABILUS. Bottom valve TA dampers are available in different dimensions, even for high loads. The damper characteristic curve can be adapted to the respective application at the factory. The STABILUS application consultants and technicians will work out optimized solutions for you and will be glad to netune them with you on-site. Specic areas of application in utility vehicles are steering dampers in trailing axles or medical technology, e.g., backrest adjustments in hospital and nursing home beds. Areas of application are, among others, seat dampers, washing machines, and motion dampers with high force requirements for especially heavy aps. One special design is the overrunning brake damper in automotive design. Bowden cable Stabilus GmbH Wallersheimer Weg 100 56070 Koblenz Germany Telefon: ++49-261-8900-0 Fax: ++49-261-8900-204 E-Mail: Equalization chamber Separating piston Release head Actuation unit

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