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SpnhntBur Elektrotechnische Fabrik Blaubeuren

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and flexibly. When technology is moved around the world Spohn + Burkhardt is usually the trigger. The company was founded in Blaubeuren by Karl Spohn and David Burkhardt in 1920 and is still 100 percent family-owned. Today, with 200 employees, we manufacture a broad production program of joysticks, control stands and resistors of recognized quality at two locations. With engineering knowledge and decades of experience, we solve your problems together with you and accompany you from start to finish. That is our strength and at the same time the basis of our success. Founded in 1920 by Karl...

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Elektrotechnische Fabrik Blaubeuren BENEFITS Made in Germany Optimal placement of the control devices Harmonious relationship between operator and equipment Relaxed and low fatigue work environment Upmost quality and service life Large dealer network providing service worldwide Smart, flexible designs allow for plug and play for most applications Custom designed solutions per customer requirements

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mm FS Modular series made of metal Innovative side consoles in various designs and sizes Hinged console covers or removable insert plates Optionally with customer-specific layout Powder coating in standard or customized color Upper part of the seat can be moved individually or together with the side consoles Different console support systems for a variety of ergonomic adjustment options for fatigue-free and comfortable working Combinable with seats from various manufacturers Fixed or rotatable with eccentric brake or deteni motorized on request Different rotating footrests can be attached...

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Perfect for sma cabins. Multifunction armrests in slim design for maximum forward and side visibility Internally stable supporting metal frame External plastic molded parts in anthracite and gray Powder-coated or stainless steel metal insert panels for custom equipment with command devices Armrests with gel cushioning Installation adapter for seats of various manufacturers Folds up for comfortable access and stepless variable tilt adjustment with gas spring Optionally with console support for length extension together with the seat Developed in consideration of ergonomic requirements in...

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Perfect for small cabins Joystick box in modern, compact design Specially developed for small space requirement Metal supporting structure Various sizes for custom equipment with command devices Optional palm rests for precise work Powder-coated metal parts Optionally in custom colors with customer logo Installation on armrests with height-adjustable adapters Optional armrests offer installation compatibility with various seats and numerous ergonomic adjustment options for comfortable work without fatigue Developed in consideration of ergonomic requirements in accordance with DIN 33402 SOS...

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Elektrotechnische Fabrik Blaubeuren

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Elektrotechnische Fabrik Blaubeuren Representatives of Spohn + Burkhardt National and international More than 65 representatives in 45 countries Find out more on our website Spohn & Burkhardt GmbH & Co. KG Mauergasse 5 89143 Blaubeuren/Germany Postfach 1163 89135 Blaubeuren/Germany Tel.:+49 7344 171 -0 E-mail: Internet:

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