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Customer-specific drive solutions from SPN ensure that mechanical energy gets to where it is needed precisely and reliably all over the world. Whether in mechanical engineering, for automation solutions, in aircraft, in the energy sector or in the medical devices industry. With great personal commitment, we strive day in, day out to make our customers' products safer, more durable and more efficient with bespoke gearboxes. And that is true even for a one-off order.

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Determination and commitment were essential tools with which Fritz Hopf established SPN's good reputati on in professional circles over the decades. He realised early on that the need for high-quality customer-specific drive solutions is increasing. At SPN we face the challenges of the future with great curiosity. But also with traditional values such as reliability, industriousness or precision, which here in Nordlingen are simply in our genes. Whether new tools or increasing automation: With maximum flexibility, passion for detail and a healthy dose of curiosity, working together with our...

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2000 Delivery of the first aviation components 2002 Development of the first mechatronic systems 2013 Introduction of Lean Management 2016 Building extension to combine the production sites in the Fritz-Hopf-Straße

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ON THE DRIVE SIDE Motor-mounting flange Tangential clamping Input shaft GEARS Planetary drive Bevel drive Helical drive Worm drive Rack-and-pinion drive

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OUTPUT SHAFT BEARINGS Deep-groove radial bearing Angular-contact ball bearing Tapered roller bearing Needle roller bering Plain bearing THE SPN PRINCIPLE: INDIVIDUAL SOLUTIONS BASED ON TRIED-AND-TESTED STANDARDS. OUTPUT SIDE Varying demands require individual solutions. Whether you need robust gear components, high-performance gear units or complex mechatronic drive system technology: We manufacture components and systems that perfectly suit the customer's requirements. Hirth toothing These are based on the high-quality system components manufactured to the SPN standard, which we select and...

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QUALITY STANDARDS WE DON'T CONSIDER QUALITY TO BE A RESULT. IT IS A PROCESS. Around 500 solutions a year speak for the versatility and the engineering expertise at SPN. To ensure maximum quality over this spectrum, we keep a close eye on all process phases – from the selection of suitable materials and manufacturing technologies to the creation of an exact work schedule to the daily monitoring. Everything with the one objective in mind: to provide our customers with the best quality at a good price on the agreed delivery date. The development and production of high-quality drive solutions...

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EVERY INDUSTRY HAS ITS OWN REQUIREMENTS. SPN POSSESSES THE FLEXIBILITY TO DO THEM JUSTICE. Whether you want an all-in-one-solution or a custom-made component: As a partner to a wide range of industries, we must constantly adapt to meet new challenges and continue developing our capabilities together with our customers. To produce solutions that really help our customers, we set great store by intensive dialogue during all process phases - with all project managers, our suppliers from the tool manufacturing and the material industries as well as with our production engineering and heat...

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Back-up high-lift system for commercial aircraft + Use of anodised aircraft aluminium and special stainless steel + Surface treatment with dry lubricant + Chromate conversion coating of the grounding contacts + Sealing rings made of Teflon + Temperature-resistant lubricating grease Example from the aviation industry PRECISION LANDING FOR AVIATION SAFETY. On an aircraft the high-lift system controls the leading-edge slats and the landing flaps to reduce the distance required to take off and land. If the main hydraulic system malfunctions, the electromechanical back-up system cuts in. SPN...

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Robot component for packaging machines from Schubert + Ground gear teeth for exact positioning + Deep-toothed gears and worm gears made of special plastic for silent running + Weight-optimised design for high dynamics + Integrated mechanical end stop Example from the packaging industry PACKAGING IN THE “FAST LANE”. Whether for attractive presentation or reliable protection: For today's products, packaging plays an important role. And to ensure that the packaging process is as efficient and hence as cost-effective as possible, intelligent solutions are the order of the day – flexible,...

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Modular drive concept for textile machinery from the Saurer Group + Long service life of the bearings and the gear components of 40,000 hours in three-shift-operation + Shaft seal can be replaced several times + No ingress of lint and residual fibres due to closed design Example from the textile industry HIGH QUALITY NEVER GOES OUT OF FASHION. Fine threads are produced by twisting and stretching fibres. Whereas in the past a spinning wheel produced a single thread by means of a rotating spindle, a modern ring spinning machine with more than 1920 spindles can produce concurrently. At the...

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Racks and pinions for pneumatic solutions from Festo + Stainless steel + Special anodised aluminium + Wear-free surface + Compact design through shaped outer teeth Example from the automation industry WITHB A PASSION FOR DETAIL. Automation has been one of the subjects discussed in the industry with regard to future developments for quite some time - at Festo AG already for several decades. With its innovative solutions for factory and process automation, it supports more than 300,000 customers in 40 industries worldwide. For pneumatic applications - swivel movements driven by compressed air...

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Helical gear unit for medium-voltage technology from Driescher + Largest gear ratios in the smallest installation space due to Roth toothing on the pinion + Splined motor shaft for direct mounting + DC motors with different voltage ratings + Static torque up to 250 Nm Example from the energy technology sector WORK AT EASE – EVEN AT 38,500 VOLTS. A medium-voltage grid with up to 38,500 volts and 12,000 amperes distributes electric power for several towns, individual districts or railways. If the power supply has to be interrupted, for repairs for example, special switching equipment is...

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