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Extra Heavy Duty Manual Pin Inserter This versatile tool is ideally suited for low to moderate levels of production for assemblies that require installation forces up to 22.2 kN (5,000 lbs). The Model PMX easily accommodates quick change-overs. The fixture is simply replaced at the base of the machine, and the pin diameter is easily changed by switching the pin driving chuck. This extra heavy duty manual pin inserter will provide smooth operation, repeatability and durability. Design Features/Benefits: Easy: - Ergonomic high mechanical advantage ratchet action - Simple and quick tool changeover Accurate: - Positive mechanical stroke stop for precise, repeatable installation depth Reliable: - Heavy duty cast iron frame - Hardened steel rack, pinion, and pawl Versatile: - Throat height accommodates a large array of parts - Rapid ram advance and retract accommodates many different size and shape parts - Precision ground oversize baseplate provides a large area for mounting part tooling - Accepts both CXA and CXD pin driving chucks Capacities: - 22.2 kN (5,000 lbs) maximum insertion force - Stroke: 380mm (15”) in 50mm (2”) increments - Adjustable throat height: 300mm (12”) - Fixed throat depth: 125mm (5”) Simple Operation: 1. Load the part to be pinned into a holding fixture on the baseplate 2. Place a pin into the jaws of the pin driving chuck 3. Using the handwheel, advance the pin driving chuck to within 2mm (.078”) of the hole in the host component 4. Pull the lever to the preset positive stop 5. Release the lever 6. Using the handwheel, return the pin chuck to the full up position 7. Unload the finished assembly Shown with optional fixture Easily accommodates SPIROL Pin-Driving Chucks: CXA, CXD

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