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Guard is standard with all machines — Shown with optional fixture Semi-Automatic Pin Inserter This robust, vertical pin insertion machine is ideally suited for moderate to high production for applications requiring up to 1,800 lbs. of installation force. A retractable pin orientation head, mounted on a shaft/linear bearing arrangement moves up and down for ease of loading and unloading of the components to be assembled. The insertion bushing is positioned close to the part for smooth, trouble free installation. The orientation head shuttles the pin from the feeding position to the installation position, and also functions as a selector, preventing longer or shorter pins from being installed. A two position trap door allows for easy clear-out of the feed tube. Design Features/Benefits: Precise: - Fine insertion depth adjustment - Dowelled component location - Ground base plate to ensure perpendicularity between insertion quill and application Built to Last: - Cushioned cylinder return stroke - Hardened pin guide bushings and hard coated vibratory feeder bowl Versatile: - Can be easily configured to accommodate a variety of applications Efficient: - Automatically delivers pin to the installation site eliminating the need to touch the pin during entire assembly process Safe: - Guarded pinch points and anti-tie down, anti-repeat dual activation sensors (or optional foot switch with integrated finger protection unit) Optional alignment fixtures available. Dual and triple versions of the Model CR are readily available to suit your assembly objectives. Options such as rotary index tables, pin sensing, force monitoring, and drilling and pinning combinations can be added for enhanced productivity and heightened error-proofing.

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Innovative fastening solutions. Application Lower assembly costs. Engineering Coiled Spring Pins Alignment Dowels / Bushings Slotted Spring Pins Spacers & Rolled Tubular Components Solid Pins Compression Limiters Application: A major manufacturer of hand tools was experiencing difficulty installing an Ø8mm Solid Grooved Pin into a pivot joint of a Flexible Head Ratchet tool. The tolerance on the diameter of the hole resulted in the Grooved Pin either being too difficult to install, which required time-consuming secondary effort, or too easy to install, which resulted in a pin retention...

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