Model CL - Semi-Automatic Compression Limiter Installation Machine


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Model CL - Semi-Automatic Compression Limiter Installation Machine - 1

COMPRESSION LIMITER INSTALLATION TECHNOLOGY Compression Limiter Installation Machine This robust, vertical installation machine is specifically designed to install Compression Limiters into a variety of plastic components. The machine is available in two models: the CL1000 (1,000 lbs. maximum installation force) and the CL2000 (2,000 lbs. maximum installation force). To operate, load the plastic part(s) and the Compression Limiter(s) over the fixture locating post(s). Automatically lock the fixture into place by moving it into the work zone. Upon removal of the operator’s hands, the light curtain is clear and the machine can be activated. All Compression Limiters are installed simultaneously. The Model CL is equipped with installation verification to ensure that the machine has completed a full installation cycle and a Compression Limiter was installed at each location. In the event of a fault, the touchscreen will flash an error message. The fixture slide locks in place until the operator acknowledges the message and places the machine back into operation mode. Design Features/Benefits: Precise: Versatile: - Fine tip adjustment for depth - Precision ground work table - Single or multiple part installation - Available with multiple installation tips in nearly any configuration at various elevations - Installs different size Compression Limiters Easy to Use: - 7” Touchscreen interface - LED work surface illumination - Ergonomic part loading - Programming interface with two 120 VAC outlets - USB and Ethernet ports Safe: - Full perimeter guarding with light curtain - CE certified / Safety Controls meet safety category 4 per EN 954-1 / Performance Level PLe per ISO 13849-1 Installation - Full stroke sensor confirms cylinder reached Verification: preset installation elevation - Sensors verify part installation at all locations Optional enhancement features include: Andon stack light for visual indication of machine status, audible alarm for fault notification, tool kits to accommodate various assembly designs, and data acquisition

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Model CL - Semi-Automatic Compression Limiter Installation Machine - 2

Application Engineering Technical Centres Application: A plastic moulder of automotive wiring harness channels was faced with the task of installing multiple Compression Limiters into irregular shaped components. In total, there were four different components - each containing between two and six SPIROL® Series 600 Aluminium Compression Limiters. The irregular shape and thin walls of the wiring harness posed a fixturing and installation challenge for the customer. The wiring harness was not only irregular in shape, but the Compression Limiter installation heights varied within the part. The...

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