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ground hollow dowels Design-in SPIROL’s Series GDI00 Ground Hollow Dowels for Precision Alignment and Substantial Cost Savings. SPIROL Ground Hollow Dowels are designed to be direct replacements for standard Ground Solid Dowels per ISO 8734. They are used where centerline tolerancing and precision alignment are required. Precision ground outside diameters maintain critical alignment within 2Qjum. A 1.6jum surface finish and well-defined chamfers prevent shaving or scraping during installation. The roll-formed design yields substantial cost savings over Solid Dowels. technical specifications standard material The hollow feature offers weight savings over Solid Dowels and clearance for bolts, fluids, or gases. nominal diameter 1 Maximum recommended interference fit for primary retention of Dowel, 2 Recommended transitional fit in mating component. • All dimensions in millimeters, • T refers to strip thickness prior to forming & grinding. • Refer to ISO 286 for dimensional and fit specifications. • Special lengths and sizes available upon request. nominal diameter To Order: GHDL, Nominal Dowel Size x Length, Material, Finish, Series Example: GHDL 8 x 15 FK GD100

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Ground Hollow Dowels for Precision Alignment GD100 series - 2

Application Engineering Technical Centres An OEM was using a 16mm OD Ground Solid Dowel to locate the transmission to the back of the engine. This particular application was more demanding than most due to the weight of the two components to be aligned and the method of joining them together. The customer approached SPIROL for cost-reduction suggestions. Europe SPIROL United Kingdom 17 Princewood Road Corby, Northants NN17 4ET United Kingdom Tel. +44 1536 444800 Fax. +44 1536 203415 SPIROL France Cite de I'Automobile ZAC Croix Blandin 18 Rue Lena Bernstein 51100 Reims, France Tel. +33 3 26...

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