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SPRING ALIGNMENT DOWELS/BUSHINGS SPIROL’s roll formed hardened Bushings are designed to meet one or more of the following objectives: ¥ Align mating components, ¥ Eliminate drilling of a separate bolt hole, ¥ Protect bolts from shear loading, and/or ¥ Maintain joint integrity Although these hollow, lightweight Bushings are not precision ground and do not require precision holes, thus saving in component and hole preparation costs, they are capable of precision alignment if the design guidelines are followed. Further savings can be achieved by using the inside of the Bushing for the bolt and...

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PRODUCT FEATURES AND BENEFITS SPRING ACTION The diameter of the Bushing is slightly larger than the hole. The spring action of the Bushing allows it to be installed into a drilled or cored hole and assume the diameter of the hole. It is self-retained once installed. STAGGERED SEAM The staggered seam prevents interlocking, making these Bushings suitable for automatic feeding and eliminating the need to separate them during manual assembly. CONTROLLED INSIDE DIAMETER LEAD-IN CHAMFERS The beveled chamfer around the entire periphery of the Bushing is designed O to facilitate ease of insertion...

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DOWEL BUSHINGS Dowel Bushings are used to locate components in conjunction with bolts which pass through the inside of the Dowel after it has been installed. Separate holes for locating pins are eliminated. The hardened Dowels also absorb shear loads, isolating the bolts from these forces. Series DB100 MATERIAL B High Carbon Steel FINISH K Plain, Oiled DIMENSIONAL DATA Metric 1 When installed in recommended hole. 2 Single shear minimum, tested in accordance with ISO 8749 and ASME B18.8.2 Appendix B. Testing can only be performed on Dowels greater than two diameters in length. • On special...

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SPRING DOWELS Spring Dowels are used to accurately locate components with respect to each other. They are formed around arbors to assure roundness. It is recommended that one half the hole tolerance be used for the fixed location of the Dowel and one half for the hole in the mating part. Series SD200 MATERIAL B High Carbon Steel FINISH K Plain, Oiled 1 Single shear minimum, tested in accordance with ISO 8749. Testing can only be performed on Dowels greater than two diameters in length. • On special order plated parts, all dimensions apply prior to plating. • Special lengths and sizes...

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DESIGN GUIDELINES Dowelling for Permanent Positioning If components are located or positioned by methods other than the Dowelling itself, and the issue is to allow for disassembly and then re-assembly with the components in exactly the same location – then it is recommended that the components be drilled together and the Dowel installed in the assembled condition. During disassembly, the Dowel may be removed and reinstalled during reassembly. This method eliminates the need for hole tolerancing and hole centreline concerns. It provides for very accurate permanent locating. Dowelling to Fix...

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DESIGN GUIDELINES Precise Holes If the holes are precise and the same in both components, such as honed or reamed holes with a tolerance of .0008” or 0.02mm, then the length of the Bushing need only receive minor consideration for purposes of precise relative location. We recommend using the minimum specified hole in these situations. The Bushing will assume the diameter of the initial installation hole and the unsized diameter of the normally exposed end would compensate for the tolerance difference between the holes if any. If no interference whatsoever is acceptable when assembling the...

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Alignment Dowels/Bushings - 8

DESIGN GUIDELINES Centreline Tolerancing If more than one Dowel is used, centreline tolerancing for hole positioning becomes an issue. In situations with precision holes requiring precision locating, the centreline tolerancing needs to be accurate and similar to tolerancing used for solid Dowels. A tolerance of .0006” or 0.015 mm is recommended. When a Dowel is installed in a minimum hole, which is recommended in these cases, the Dowel gap is butted and further spring action is very limited, if any. Hole tolerance can be increased to provide for relaxed positioning tolerances with some...

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Innovative fastening solutions. Lower assembly costs. Technical Centres Coiled Spring Pins Slotted Spring Pins Solid Pins Alignment Dowels / Bushings Spacers & Rolled Tubular Components Compression Limiters Threaded Inserts for Plastics Railroad Nuts Disc Springs Americas Precision Shims & Thin Metal Stampings Precision Washers Parts Feeding Technology Insert Installation Technology Compression Limiter Installation Technology Asia Pacific Please refer to for current specifications and standard product offerings. SPIROL United Kingdom 17 Princewood Road Corby, Northants NNl7...

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