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Spira-trol™ General service control valves CONTROL & INSTRUMENTATION SOLUTIONS

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Spira-trolTM General service control valves Designed to meet the demands of today’s industries, the Spirax Sarco Spira-trol™ control valve is robust, innovative and cost effective. • Adaptable to your needs - a highly flexible modular design to meet your   process requirements • Set and forget exceptional valve life, easy commissioning and low maintenance requirements • Improved working environments - designed for steam and other industrial fluids giving - noise and emission reducing options Spira-trolTM has been used effectively across many

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Spira-trolTM Adaptable to your process requirements The Spira-trol™ control valve has a modular design concept, which can incorporate many options within a single body envelope. This leads to a low number of components and a highly flexible system, where one valve can satisfy the needs of numerous industrial requirements. The outcome for the user is a general service control valve with an exceptionally low cost of ownership. Pneumatic actuation Safe, smart and green electric actuation Spira-trol™ with PN9000 Actuator and SP500 Smart Positioner Spira-trol™ with AEL6 Smart Electric Actuator...

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Higher pressure and temperature general service applications The AEL5 is a robust and user friendly actuator which is easy Spira-trol™ with TN2000 Actuator to install and commission, reducing total cost of ownership. • Aluminium support for board and accessories - Highly durable and sturdy support for holding and/or Spira-trol™ valves are available in a range of materials including alloy steel in sizes from DN15 to DN200 (1/2”- 8”). A range of trims including low-noise for gas applications, fitting accessories For higher pressure general service applications Electric actuation • User...

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Typical Spira-trol™ installation overview Cooling water Superheated steam supply The above overview shows a typical pressure reduction and desuperheating station installation including a pressure control valve, a temperature control valve and a desuperheater. Each ancillary component of this installation ensures the longevity and proper operation of the control valves and the desuperheater. The isolation valves ensure safety when maintenance of the system and products are required. A strainer should always be installed upstream of a control valve to protect its internals from any potential...

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No need for expensive upgrades Select a valve characteristic to complement your application Valve stem sealing Choose a stem seal to match your operating temperature Plug Characterised and balanced plugs Safety and process efficiency Seat Choose the best seating material for your application Reduced flow trim Accuracy and adaptability of control

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Robust, innovative and cost effective Increased stem seal life Top and bottom guided valve stem ensures excellent alignment and long stem seal life. Scraper and dust rings ensure the stem seal is not damaged by the flow media or particles form the atmosphere. Viton ‘O’ rings ensure excellent sealing in low pressure and temperature media. When compared to alternative designs, the cage retained seat and plug of the Spirax Sarco Spira-trol™ provides the user with better valve shut-off performance and reduced leakage across the seat. Hard trim materials as standard, Long-life valve internals...

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Adaptable to your process needs Improve your safety and process efficiency Valve stem sealing Minimise emissions through Reduce noise or cavitation within the flow the value stem by choosing a improving your working environment and stem seal that is suitable for extending the life of your valve. your operating temperature. Valve stem sealing options high temperature graphite rings. include PTFE chevrons and Reduced flow trim Bellows sealed bonnet A number of flow reductions are Robust bellows sealed option available allowing you to precisely where zero emissions leakage match the...

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Did you know? Cavitation is a dynamic process that can cause metal erosion, and even major mechanical failure in extreme cases. When the pressure in a liquid flow drops below a certain point, bubbles of vapour can form. Then, as the flow pressure recovers further downstream of the valve trim, these bubbles implode and collapse back into liquid state. This releases energy that can produce wear on adjacent metal components. Select a valve characteristic to complement your application Soft Seat Insert vs Soft Plug Flow Characteristics turbulent region of the flow. This will lead to leakages, •...

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Spira-trol™ Positioner range PP5 & EP5 Positioners The original solution Operating on the balanced forced principle, the PP5 and EP5 range of control valve positioners provide a time-tested solution to accurate control valve positioning. Specification • Input signal 4 to 20 mA or 0.2 to 1.0 bar (3 to 15 psi) compressed air • Output signal single acting, 0 to 100% of air supply • Supply air pressure 6 bar (87 psi) maximum • Intrinsically safe version EEx.ia I

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SP400 & SP500 The smart solution Reduce energy consumption with the ultra-efficient SP400 and SP500 positioners. These smart digital positioners consume approximately 1% of the air of a traditional electropneumatic positioner and have class-leading low impedance helping to save on controller power. Hall effect contactless feedback, giving a zero lag between feedback and position, eliminating hysteresis. Simple single button push to commission - quick and easy to set up, requiring no specialist training or skills. electricity cost and lowers CO2 emissions. Highly efficient positioner, with...

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