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Vapor Trap

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Vapor Trap Overview FTS Vapor traps are mechanicallyrefrigerated cold traps that protect expensive vacuum pumps from harmful vapors which can shorten their life. The harmful vapors constitute any condensable gases such as water vapor, which, when allowed into the vacuum pump oil, cause it to break down. This results in decreased lubrication and can eventually cause failure of the pump. Maximum efficiency for vacuum trapping vapor to -90°C, without LN2 or dry ice Available with low temperatures to -50°C or -90°C Reduces the need for liquid nitrogen In addition, Vapor Traps eliminate the expense and potential hazards associated with the refilling and monitoring of LN2 or dry ice traps. FTS Vapor Traps consist of a well-insulated stainless steel chamber that is cooled by direct expansion of refrigerant in refrigeration lines that are bonded directly to the outside of the chamber walls. This method of refrigeration is a highly efficient and energy-saving means of heat removal. Vapor Traps are available with operating temperatures of -50°C or -90°C. Vapors enter the chamber through a port in the vacuum top plate. While the vapors circulate in the chamber, they strike the sides and are frozen-out on the low temperature of the chamber wall. The system will trap all condensable vapors that have freezing points higher than the operating temperature of the Vapor Trap. Non-condensable vapors and gases are evacuated through a second port in the lid by the vacuum pump. Traps are rated to accommodate vacuum pump flow rates of up to 250 liters per minute. (9scfm) Protect your pump Applications • Gel drying • Evaporators • Dryers • Protection of oil-sealed vacuum pumps • Dehydration of gas streams Features at a glance • Mechanically refrigerated • One touch operation • Small footprint • Digital Temperature Readout • Efficient Removal of Heat • -50°C or -90°C Trapping Temperatures Call 800.824.0400 or visit

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Model Specifications VT255 Maximum Low Temperature °C Chamber Volume (liters) Trapping Rate (liters/24 hours) Compressor Indication C Dimensions w x d x h in cm Weight lbs/kg 2 Electrical 1. Vapor traps do no include tops. 2. 220V/50 Hz also available. Decreases heat removal by 17%. Vapor Trap Top Plates and Liners Plates SSVT2 SSVT4 SSVT8 TTGT2 TTGT4 TTGT8 Liners CRC2 CRC4 Stainless steel vacuum top plate,2L,3/4"OD inlet,5/8"OD outlet Stainless steel vacuum top plate,4L,3/4"OD inlet,5/8"OD outlet Stainless steel vacuum top plate,8L,3/4"OD inlet,5/8"OD outlet Glass vacuum top plate...

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