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Series 3 HT Evaporators - 8 Pages

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Series 3 HT Evaporators

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The all new Series 3 HT-6 and HT-12 evaporators from Genevac Building on Genevac’s pedigree of evaporation expertise, these systems represent the ultimate in solvent evaporation technology. New sleek lines and latest touch screen technology make optimising your evaporation processes effortless. Developed by Genevac’s expert team in response to customer demands, these evaporation systems feature: Rugged design with clean lines and a modern look New intuitive touchscreen control system for ultimate ease of use Integral condenser meaning a smaller system footprint Front opening for easy...

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Ergonomic design The touch screen controls with help functions along with a light touch door and spacious interior combine for ease of operation that can be tailored to suit the user. Front opening, and new lower height of the Series 3 HT-12, provide for easy, comfortable sample loading. The redesigned chamber, with wipe clean coating, now has fewer obstacles to clean around. Improved chamber heating also eliminates cold spots and subsequent condensation. An enhanced “reduce odour” function is designed to prevent any offensive or unhealthy exposure to solvent vapour when opening the door....

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Sample Holders To ensure optimum heat transfer, Genevac samples holders are manufactured from high-grade solid aluminium to very close tolerances that ensure tubes fit snugly and are mass balanced during manufacture to ensure smooth running of the evaporator. A wide range of sample holders enable all common formats to be accommodated with ease. ● ● ● Side bridge swings will accommodate a range of sample blocks for tubes and vials One piece holders which fit directly onto the rotor are available for larger tubes, bottles and flasks FastStack™ microplate holders will accommodate two deep well...

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Dri-Pure Genevac’s patented Dri-Pure sample protection system prevents cross-contamination and sample loss due to bumping and is fitted as standard on Series 3 HT evaporators. B A New touchscreen control interface B High power lamps C C SampleGuard – provides real time feedback for accurate control of actual sample temperatures D Integral condenser reduces overall system footprint and increases efficiency High Power Lamps New high power, long life IR lamps emit no UV and are user changeable, with easy access from the front of the system. Independent rotor layer control further increases...

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Inert gas Purge When working with highly explosive solvents, such as diethyl ether or pentane, the Inert Gas Purge (IGP) system is mandatory. The new, integral IGP flushes all the air out of the system before the evaporation process starts, replacing it with an inert gas – nitrogen or argon. Additionally, the IGP system fills the system with inert gas when the evaporator stops, and can be used to keep sensitive samples under a gas blanket until removed by the operator. E Auto defrost and drain for optimal solvent recovery F Spacious, easy clean chamber G Easy open front door for convenient...

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Fast Lyophilisation Traditional concentration to dryness in a Genevac evaporator is fast and safe, however for some users a dried film is not the best fit for their requirements. Additionally, when working with certain solvents a fully dried result can be hard to achieve due to interactions with the dissolved sample – resulting in the formation of a gum or oil. Dry powders can be easier to weigh and re-dissolve than a dry film, and so are preferred for some applications. Genevac developed LyoSpeed™ methods to enable samples to be freeze dried in little more time than by concentrating to...

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Mechanical data Maximum speed Maximum G-force Drive system Motor drive 1415 rpm 500g Direct drive Multi speed Inverter drive Vacuum system Pressure display Pressure control System ultimate vacuum Bumping / foaming protection 0-1200mbar Automatic 1mbar to atmosphere 0.4 mbar Dri-Pure New nXDS6i vacuum pump Provided with method specified pump purging to optimise vacuum and pump reliability. Temperature and control Control range Control accuracy Temperature sensing Display range End of method Process visualisation Ambient +10°C to 60°C ±1°C (at ≤ 50ºC) Thermocouple 0°C to 60°C Time or...

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