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Rocket Synergy Evaporators - 8 Pages

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Rocket Synergy Evaporators

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Rocket Synergy and Rocket 4D Synergy Evaporators

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Revolutionary Rocket Synergy Rocket Evaporators use patented vacuum technology to evaporate solutions to dryness, or a concentrate, rapidly and safely. The latest Synergy series offers integrated, flexible solutions for processing a wide range of sample volumes. Interchangeable rotors will accommodate tubes, flasks and batch volumes of up to 100L. Two models are offered: Rocket Synergy, will evaporate samples in flasks, tubes, or a variety of innovative Genevac sample holders such as the SampleGenie. The removable rotor may be replaced with a 316 stainless steel vessel for batch processing...

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The secret of perfect results Rocket software monitors the temperature of coolant entering the condenser and compares it with the temperature of that leaving the condenser. The difference (Delta T) equates to the heat energy transferred from the evaporated solvent to the condenser and is proportional to the flow rate of solvent vapour entering the condenser. As samples approach concentration or dryness, the change in is used to determine the auto stop point. O G USB upload of new methods and software and download of recorded data. H Waste solvent drains. High power heaters with temperature...

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Make time for science with the Rocket Synergy No waiting – five times faster than other ‘intelligent’ evaporators ● Perfect results – no monitoring or intervention required for excellent sample recovery ● Error free – eliminates foaming, bumping and cross-contamination ● Easy to use – simple controls and intelligent software ● Space saving – one Rocket replaces several rotary evaporators ● Sample volumes from 60ml up to 5 litres ● Environmentally friendly cold traps and advanced methodology provide very high solvent recovery The Rocket Synergy high speed evaporator is designed to dry or...

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Innovative Rocket sample handling choices – what else? Evaporation Flasks For drying or concentrating up to 450ml solvent. Enables up to 18 ASE ® vials to be dried in one operation, in place of flasks. Dried sample is re-dissolved and removed using a pipette 250ml SampleGenie™ For drying the sample directly into a range of vials from 12mm to 28mm diameter and up to 70mm tall. SampleGenie™ eliminates the need for manual transfers, saving time and preventing sample handling errors. ● 250ml volume plus vial Direct drying of sample into vial Eliminates manual transfers 400ml SampleGenie™ for...

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Rocket 4D Synergy – space and time for science Press and go – fully automated from start to finish ● Big capacity - can process up to 100 litres in one operation ● Interchangeable rotors for batch or flask/tube formats ● Error free – eliminates bumping and foaming ● Light work – effortless emptying of vessel using pouring stand ● Powerful cold trap provides improved solvent recovery and drying of samples ● Quick clean – so easy compared with large glass evaporator flasks Rocket 4D Synergy is a fully automated system for drying or concentrating very large volumes with no user intervention...

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Perfect drying of volumes up to 100 litres Rocket 4D Synergy’s 5 litre 316 stainless bowl rotor has detachable handles and is easily lifted into and out of the evaporator. Access to the dried or concentrated product in the vessel is very easy. Dried products can be scooped out, or re-dissolved while the vessel is still in the system. Liquid products can be easily drained via a drain port in the side of the rotor, using a dedicated pouring stand. A typical Rocket 4D Synergy autofeed system, with recirculating chiller option. Users wishing to dry volumes larger than five litres should choose...

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Mechanical data Cold trap cooling requirement Blue = Rocket Synergy. Red = Rocket 4D Synergy. Black = both. Temp range Maximum rotor speed Maximum G-force Drive system Maximum sample load Heat removal Flow rate Pressure Connections (to chiller): Vacuum system Pressure display Pressure control 0-1200mbar Automatic / 3mbar / 0.5mbar to atmosphere System ultimate vacuum 3mbar / < 1mbar Bumping / foaming protection Dri-Pure ® Recirculating chiller Temperature and control Control range Control accuracy Temperature sensing Display range End of method Process visualisation –15°C to +10°C dependent...

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