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LyoS_Overview Presentation

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Making Time for Science LvoN™ Control System

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Making Time for Science System Configuration Temperature Do.idband Vacuum Deadhaud Vacuum Release Time Chambei Volume System Volume loi Leak Rate Vacuum Unhs ImT.uB) Rough Vacuum Units IT mBl Shelf Valve Cooling Limit i oozing /Thermal Treatment: Ramp Tlma yy L^aW yy baaA ^^y mjn Pressurize Aflei Slep Depi essuiize After Step Pioduct Dliven Mode 4^ Pioduct Temperature Initial Vacuum SP 100 inToii Vacuum Ramp Time 0 Product Storage: yWiii^iiiBwy 120 480 ^ Mh^y yy IIMIMMIN ABBBBBBBBBBBBB Bml^ Backfill Stoppering: Pressure Rise Control Action Edit Recipe Modify Chart Current Time > » Print...

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Pronounced \‘lī-,ōs\. Windows®-based platform. Leverages GE Proficy HMI/SCADA iFIX. Provides visualization, data acquisition and supervisory capabilities directly to an Allen-Bradley CompactLogix PLC.

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Automated Leak and Function Testing Automatic Backfill / Automatic Stoppering Barometric Endpoint Testing (PRISE) Pirani vs. Capacitance Manometer differential testing (PRCM)

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Sophisticated Instrumentation Set • Sixteen (16), Type T product temperaturemonitoring thermocouples. • Two (2) Capacitance Manometers (product and condenser chambers). • Pirani vacuum transducer (product chamber).

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^^SP SCIENTIFIC Making Time for Science Optional Cycle Optimization SMART™ Freeze Dryer Technology ControLyo™ Nucleation On-Demand Technology (optional).

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Fully Validateable • Fully configurable and fully validatable for regulated pharmaceutical and biotechnology applications. • SP Scientific offers onsite control system IQ/OQ validation support and a more comprehensive factory-initiated System Integration Testing (SIT) program.

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Documentation and Support • All original software is provided with the LyoS™ control system. • A backup copy of the LyoS™ control system is provided. • PLC source code is available. Requires a signed Confidentiality Disclosure Agreement (CDA).

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Control System Hardware / Software Comparison Control System Feature Praxair ControLyo™ Nucleation Technology SMART™ Freeze Dryer Technology Optional (Available June 2011) Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Allen-Bradley CompactLogix Vacuum Sensor Configuration (Standard) 2 Capacitance Manometers 1 Capacitance Manometers 1 Pirani Vacuum Gauge 2 Pirani Vacuum Gauge

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Control System Software Feature Comparison Control System Feature PVG/CM Differential Feedback Testing Standard Offering. Barometric Endpoint / Pressure Rise Testing Standard Offering. Vacuum Ramping During Primary Drying Standard Offering. Vacuum Preseal Standard Offering. Product Driven Mode Standard Offering. Vacuum Control Using Secondary Gauge Standard Offering.

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^^SP SCIENTIFIC Making Time for Science Basic Navigation The circular icons located at the top middle and top right corner of the screen provide access to additional screens and functions. Maintenance Trend

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Basic Navigation (Buttons) • Play. Start or continue an automatic cycle. • Stop. Terminate an automatic cycle. • Back. Return to the previous screen.

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Basic Navigation (Alarm Summary Button) • The Alarm Summary button provides access to a detailed list of all active alarms. • The button displays the current number of unacknowledged alarms. • Alarms are automatically saved to the computer’s hard drive.

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Making Time for Science The Alarm Summary Page Cycle Status ALAR M_UPS_OVERLOADED ALARM_UPS_REPLAC E_BATTERY EMERGENCY CONTACT CLOSED jsort: Time In, Descending Acknowledge Page Acknowledge All Alarm Print Leak Test Function Test

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The Alarm Summary Page (Alarm Print) • Select the Alarm Print button to print saved alarms. • The Alarm Print dialog appears with a list of dates. • Alarms are printed by date. Dates are formatted as yy/mm/dd.

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date and click Print Print dialog, click Making Time for Science Print Dialog Print Alarm

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^^SP SCIENTIFIC Making Time for Science Basic Navigation (Maintenance Button) The Maintenance button opens the Maintenance menu dialog. • Enable Component Mode. • Open the Configuration page. • Open the Calibration page.

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The Maintenance Menu (Component Mode) • Component Mode allows you to manually control system components listed on the Synoptic page such as the heater, fluid pump, vacuum pump, compressors, and associated valves. • Click the Component button to enable. The Synoptic page will open.

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The Maintenance Menu (Configuration) • Select the Configuration button to open the Configuration page. • Configure settings used by the software to determine how the system will operate, as well react to certain conditions. • PLC version and system serial number are displayed at the top of the page.

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Making Time for Science Cycle Status System Configuration Tempeidnne Dfeadbrmil Vacuum De-ctdbiiiul Vacuum Release Mini System Volume foi Leak Rate Vacuum Units fmT'iiBh ftonqh Vacuum Units (T/mfl) 5lialf Valve Coiling Limit Defiost Time SYMfcM ADMIHISIRATOR ^ Nuinli&l Alarm Settings Vacuum Piescal Vacuum Press al Timeout &P Fiaeza Time Exce&itert SP LOIKJ Term Power Failure SP Voltage U]i|»er Limit Voltage Lowe 1 Limit IIOX £y£leiii Healing SP System Reset to Fieeze en Alarm Function test Semi-Aute

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Making Time for Science • Systems configured with ControLyo7' Nucleation Technology will include additional settings.

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The Maintenance Menu (Calibration) • Select the Calibration button to open the Calibration page. • Calibrate the lyophilizer’s temperature sensors (i.e., shelf, condenser, ambient, interstage and product probes).

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Making Time for Science

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^^SP SCIENTIFIC Making Time for Science Basic Navigation (Trend Button) Use the Trend button to launch the Historical Trend screen. • Monitor real-time and historical cycle data. • Customize active charts.

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