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HT Solvent Evaporator

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HT Solvent Evaporator Series

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2 CONTENTS AND INTRODUCTION Introducing the HT Series from Genevac – World leader in solvent evaporation technology for life science research The HT Series from Genevac is a range of high-performance centrifugal evaporators designed with the specific needs of life science research in mind. From the compact HT-4X to our HT-24 system, each HT evaporator carries the hallmark of Genevac design: œ Total sample protection œ Flexibility for multiple applications œ Quick results œ Robust build quality œ Easy to Use œ Comprehensive applications support These basic principles are further refined by...

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3 What is a Centrifugal Evaporator? The principle behind centrifugal evaporators is very simple; as atmospheric pressure reduces, the boiling point of a given solvent also reduces. When the pressure reaches a certain point, boiling will commence. As boiling occurs, the solvent can ‘bump’ out of the container in an uncontrolled way and spoil the sample. To overcome this, samples can be spun in a centrifuge to apply sufficient g-force to keep everything in the tube. Combining these two principles together produces the vacuum centrifuge, or centrifugal evaporator. The samples are housed in...

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4 APPLICATIONS To help you get the very best results from your evaporation system, Genevac normally provides applications support free of charge for the life of the system. Whether you require routine or refresher user training, or help with choosing or optimising the most appropriate method for your samples, Genevac is always here to help. Contact our applications team by sending an email to or contacting you local Genevac representative. To optimise your laboratory workflow and eliminate a potential evaporation bottle neck, Genevac has developed a selection of...

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Fed up with producing sticky films, oils or gums? Want to lyophilise but don’t have enough time to do it? Genevac has developed a set of fast lyophilisation methods to enable samples to be dried in little more time than by concentrating to dryness. The methods have been specially developed for use with HPLC fractions containing water and acetonitrile, or methanol. Exceptional performance Traditional concentration to dryness in a Genevac evaporator is fast and safe. However, for some users a dried film is not the best answer. When working with certain solvents, e.g. HPLC solvents or DMSO, a...

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HT-4X HIGH THROUGHPUT EVAPORATOR 6 œ Embedded PC and full colour screen with remote control and data logging œ Standard 85g out-of-balance capability and safety cut-out œ Strong rotor for sample loads of up to 1.5kg on each sample swing œ Auto-shut down for walk-away operation œ Corrosion proof against trifluoracetic acid and other corrosive vapours œ Stored methods – ideal for multi-user environments œ Remote control and data logging – ideal for method development Features & options High-power lamp option Inert Purge option Remote door switch HCl resistance option SampleGuard® Dri-Pure®...

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7 Simple connections on the instrument rear panel allow for rapid installation in your lab, while an RS232 port enables connection to a PC for remote operation and data logging. The Coolheat® system dries samples rapidly, while a high speed vapour pumping system maintains low sample temperatures during evaporation. High power, high efficiency infrared lamps provide the uniform heat required for rapid evaporation and optional high powered lamps are available for power-intensive applications. Heat input can be controlled and is reduced automatically by SampleGuard™ before samples are dry, to...

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Based on the same core technology as the successful HT-4X, these two machines are configured with multiple level rotors and front-opening doors. This gives significant increases in capacity without using extra bench space. The HT-8 system has a two-layer rotor capable of holding eight sample swings at one time. With shallow-well microplates in Genevac FastStackTM holders, 32 plates may be dried down together in an HT-8. Tube and vial capacities are similarly impressive; 320 tubes of 13mm x 100mm length can be run at one time. For very high throughput applications the Genevac HT-12 presents...

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All the great features of the HT-4X are carried over into these larger machines including the built-in PC and colour screen, Dri-Pure anti-bumping system, SampleGuard option, strong rotor with 85g imbalance tolerance, high-powered CoolHeat lamps, PTFE chamber coating throughout and of course the exceptionally flexible Genevac operating software. Methods can be programmed for individual solvent types or mixtures and stored with a real name of up to 20 characters for easy recall. Up to 100 methods can be stored. For more complex applications, methods can be linked together to form multi-stage...

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10 GENEVAC HT-24 VERY HIGH THROUGHPUT MODULAR EVAPORATOR œ Maximum flexibility with two independent chambers œ Integrated services trolley fits most walk in fume hoods œ Twin 4.5L condensers for efficient solvent recovery œ Oil free scroll pump for best vacuum performance œ Automatic draining with built-in waste container œ Wide range of available sample holders Features & options Scroll vacuum pump as standard High-power lamp option SampleGuard® Dri-Pure® See page 7 See opposite See page 5 The HT-24 brings more flexibility to very high throughput evaporation than ever before. With one...

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Featured on the HT-24 are: œ SampleGuard œ Dual 4.5L condensers œ High speed condenser defrost œ Automatic condenser defrost and drain option œ On-screen condenser status display œ Integrated solvent drain pump and waste container œ Integrated loading platforms œ Smart industrial trolley design The HT-24 has an incredibly high sample evaporation capacity of 96 shallow-well microplates, while providing fantastic flexibility, in that each chamber can be used independently. For example, one chamber could be used for library synthesis work and the other for work up or post synthesis...

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