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FTS Systems

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ACCELERATE YOUR TIME TO MARKET PROCESS DEVELOPMENT TIME, CYCLE TIME, TURNAROUND TIME ‘Time is money’ and a single delay from broken vials or other inefficiencies in your freeze drying production can cost millions of dollars. Choosing a freeze drying partner who understands your unique application, facility requirements and project goals is the first step to maximizing your return on investment. At SP Scientific we like to say “There are companies that can build freeze dryers, but only SP Scientific has the science, technology and engineering expertise to design and build systems that...

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SP Scientific's strength in pilot-scale freeze drying and methods development, as well as our collaboration with highly regarded lyophilization experts put SP in a unique position to offer state-of-the-art process technologies scalable to new or retrofit production freeze dryer projects. • Shorter primary drying times; ControLyo™ controls the degree of supercooling to optimize cycle times • Less aggregation and better stability of protein formulations • Technology conforms to the regulatory framework by controlling process inputs • Reduce waste from vial breakage • Improved cake appearance,...

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DETERMINE DRYING PHASE END POINT UTILIZING TDLAS LYOFLUX • Non-invasive tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy (TDLAS) measures the molecular flow of water molecules from chamber to condenser which enables continuous determination of water vapor mass flow rate • Accurately pinpoints the completion of primary, and most importantly, secondary drying phases • Software provides key process parameters effecting end product quality such as vial heat transfer coefficient (kv), batch average product temperature, product dry layer thickness, and product drying resistance ACCURATELY MEASURE...

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MINIMIZE DOWNTIME WITH HY-PRO VAPOR FLOW CONDENSER • Cyclonic vapor flow condenser directs vapor and deposits it evenly on the entire condensing plate surface area • Results in even ice build-up for more efficient vapor removal • Full condenser access door allows complete inspection of Clean-In-Place process for full confidence and quick turnaround time MAXIMIZE VAPOR FLOW WITH ROTARY DISC VALVES • Patented rotating disc allows higher vapor flow • Reduces maintenance time; disk and shaft seal are easily serviced • No mechanical ingress into system SIMPLE DESIGN LN2 REFRIGERATION SYSTEM...

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CUSTOM BUILT TO YOUR REQUIREMENTS LISTEN, LOOK, SOLVE, IMPLEMENT - FROM UNDERSTANDING NEEDS TO FULLY OPERATIONAL SYSTEMS At SP Scientific we do something very unique and unusual: we listen. We make certain we understand all the intricacies of your operation and everything that may impact your freeze drying process. After we listen, we look for ourselves. We conduct a thorough analysis of your facility often uncovering and solving potential problems before they turn into costly delays. Attention to detail at the outset of your project, coupled with our proprietary technologies allows our...

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1. CHAMBER SIZE AND SHELF AREA Shelf areas up to 100 m1 2 are tailored to suit a wide range of applications and processes. Chamber size and shelf area are the first critical calculation in assuring proper dryer size. The Shelf Area/Vial Capacity chart gives an initial overview of dryer size. Shelf configuration depends upon product configuration as well as integration of the unit into your facility. VIAL CAPACITY PER SQ. M/FT OF SHELF AREA PER SQ. METER PER SQ. FOOT 3. CLEANING & STERILIZATION Thorough cleaning performed quickly and safely optimizes productivity. SP freeze dryers can...

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Many factors including energy use and ease of maintenance impact operational economy. Within the dryer, accurate, efficient control of the freeze drying process and thorough design of a robust cycle will assure highest product quality while positively impacting operational economy. SP’s leadership in process development freeze dryers have advanced the introduction of many technologies and best practices which can be incorporated into your production unit. Those using SP’s LyoStar 3 for cycle development can count on matchless accuracy and unique ease-of-use features and technologies that...

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Over six decades of experience, innovation and development of best practices go into every freeze dryer that carries our name and is deemed a trustworthy environment for your product. High quality engineering, materials and workmanship enable long life and easy maintenance. Product chambers, shelves, condenser assemblies and control systems are manufactured on-site in our U.S. facilities Flexible system design to fit confined or awkward spaces. SP engineers are experienced in multi-level units, flexible access options and utility placement of condensers. Pull-open condenser door for easy...

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INTEGRATION AND INSTALLATION PREPARATION Effective project management and pre-planning mean your standard unit is generally ready for factory acceptance testing pending current plant loading. Typical installation takes two to six weeks depending upon size of the unit and readiness of the facility. Contact for details. Our team has in-depth experience, routinely working with your partners or ours, to ensure seamless operation of the entire line including: l l l l l l Sterile filtration and filling Capping and crimping Manual or auto loading systems Isolators...

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