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SPECIFICATIONS Measurements Frequency 200 kHz Beam Angle 7 Depth Resolution 0.1ft/0.01m Accuracy ± 1cm ±0.1 D (0.1% of depth value) Ping Rate 14Hz, Maximum 30Hz Sound Velocity 1300-1700m/s, resolution is 1m/s Depth Range 0.3-300m/900ft Draft 0-9.9m Gain Control AGC and TVG, depth and gain, a double door tracking Output data format SOUTH, SDH-13D, DES025, INN455, ODOM etc Physical Environmental -30 ~+60 non-condensing Output Power Up to 300 watts Power Supply 9-15V DC, less than 25w, 110~265V AC (optional), Dimension 35cm 29cm 14cm Weight 7.5kg Hardware part Embedded system index CPU frequency 1.6GHz Internal memory 2G Memory capacity 8G high-speed CF card (supports extended storage) I/O interface 2 USB 2 RS232 1 VGA interface Display Panel Layout 12.1-inch color LCD Touch screen Embedded windows XP OS Power ON/OFF Interface protection Separate Panel Overlay for Keyboard Mouse Remarks Measurement accuracy and operation range might vary due to atmospheric conditions, signal multipath, obstructions, observation time, temperature, signal geometry and number of tracked satellites. Specifications subject to change without prior notice. SOUTHTarget yoursuccess Echo Sounder SDE-28S+Single Frequency Digital Echo Sounder 13 STANDARD CONFIGURATION 1. Echo Sounder SDE-28S+ 1pc 2. Carrying Case (for echo sounder) 1pc 5. Carrying Case for Transducer 1pc 6. Double RS-232 Communication Cable 1pc 7. 220V External Power Supply Cable 1pc 8. 220V External Power Supply Cable Adapter 1pc 9. 12V External Power Supply Transfer Cable 1pc 12. Adapter Cable for Mouse & Keyboard 1pc 14. SDE-28S+ Software on board 15. PowerNav Software (with dongle key @ ) on board Dealer info /xfiTargetyoursuccess SOUTH SURVEYING & MAPPING INSTRUMENT CO.,LTD. Add: 2/F, Surveying Building (He Tian Building),NO.26, Ke Yun Road, Guangzhou 510665, China Tel: +86-20-23380891/85524990/23380888 Fax: +86-20-85524889/85529089/23380800 E-mail:

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CrPS Antenna ONBOARD SOFTWARE ■ Depth SDE-28S+ (for depth measurements) Real-time vivid display of graphic and data, easy approach to underwater waves I ntegrated sound velocity calculation for more accurate results Smart alarm for shallow water and “No echo” tracking to secure hydrographic operations Real-time display of the water depth value tracking lines, easy to be compared with underwater waves Automatic measurements and switch, Intelligent operation, easy to use Optional output formats and convenient Auto Change Of Depth Range Real-time display of water depth data KEY FEATURES Sound...

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