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SONDERMANN PUMPEN • FILTERTECHNIK SONDERMANN competence in pump and filter technologie

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MAGSON – self-priming magnetically coupled centrifugal pumps MAGSON MAS pumps – strong, safe, self-priming Whenever you have to deliver highly aggressive fluids out of tanks from above, self-priming pumps should be your first choice. Using a special valveless technique, MAGSON MAS pumps feature an excellent priming capacity. To prevent damage to the environment, most polluting and aggressive fluids are stored in double shell tanks. When delivering fluids out of such tanks, a non-selfpriming centrifugal pump would have to be attached at bottom level of the tank. As the risk of leakage there...

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Installation of an MAS pump in comparison to a non-self-priming MA pump Advantages of MAS pumps are: •• excellent priming capacity of 5 m.WC in less than 2 minutes •• capacity range of up to 27 m.WC and 470 l/min •• no additional priming tank required b •• eing suitable to run dry for some time, they can also be used for total drainage For all advantages of MAGSON pumps see page 9 within main catalogue MAGSON MAS pumps (above) prime fluid from the bottom up whereas non-self-priming MA pumps only prime horizontally. Delivery When delivering, MAGSON MAS pumps like MA pumps operate as...

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MAGSON MAS – self-priming magnetically coupled centrifugal MAS pumps MAS types 4, 5 and 6 •• self-priming •• without shaft seal •• streamlined spiral housing made of PP or ETFE •• volume flow of up to 470 l/min •• delivery head of up to 27 m.WC •• back pull-out For all advantages of MAGSON pumps see main catalogue. Delivery head optimum operating point Volume flow Determined with water of 20

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* Material used for housing, impeller unit and rear casing: (sheath of inner magnet made of PP without fibre reinforcement) ** approx. value at max. volume flow (higher density possible when flow rate is reduced) Thread adapter All details at page 6. Size Motor dimensions may differ according to manufacture.

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MAGSON – Connections For all types of connections No matter which type of connection you have – MAGSON is the perfect solution, even in that case. Conventional centrifugal pumps usually follow a connection form. Either you have flange connections acc. to DIN (or ANSI) or a thread connection (internal or external thread). You have then to adapt your system to the pump, order the pump according to your requirements (usually with longer delivery time and higher costs than standard version) or create a complex transfer piping between the system and the pump. MAGSON also offers the ideal...

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Motor accessories • ON/OFF switch with 2.5 m cable and plug (230V AC only) • 5 m three-phase connection cable with CEE plug of 5 x 16 A, fully assembled • Frequency converter of IP class 65, mounted directly to the motor or for wall mounting Slip-on flanges to screw onto threaded ports including O-rings * Also available are port seals, shut-off and check valves etc. suitable to any MAGSON pump. Our product specialists will be glad to help you! • Standard (off the shelf) www.sondermann-

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August-Horch-Strasse 2  ·  D-51149 Cologne P. O. Box 920101  ·  D-51151 Cologne Phone +49 2203 9394-0 Fax +49 2203 9394-48 FMAS4-6 2017–06EN · Technical changes reserved SONDERMANN Pumpen + Filter G

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