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MAGSON Magnetically coupled centrifugal pumps MA type 6

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MAGSON MA- non-self priming magnetically coupled centrifugal pumps MA type 6 • without shaft seal • streamlined spiral housing made of PP or ETFE • volume flow of up to 510 l/min • delivery head of up to 30m.WC • back pull-out • screwed loose flanges For all advantages of MAGSON pumps see page 9 within main catalogue. Characteristic curves Volume flow

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Motor dimensions may differ according to manufacture. Materials You will find all materials available and their characteristics on page 8 within main catalogue. Accessories such as RPR control and frequency converters see pages 22 to 24 within main catalogue. Thread adapter all details will be found at page 6.

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MAGSON - magnetically coupled centrifugal pumps Modular design for short delivery times and rapid supply of spare parts The modular design includes: • the same shaft for all pumps of types 4 to 6 • the same sleeve bearing for all pumps of types 4 to 6 • the same rear casing for all pumps of the same type • the same driving magnet for all pumps of the same size and with the same motor SONDERMANN's modular design stands for lean production. Thus, all MAGSON standard pumps are usually delivered ex works within one week. Besides, many parts and components can be exchanged straightforwardly....

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Slip-on flanges and IEC standard motors for more flexibility in connecting and dimensioning MAGSON pumps can be connected either by thread adapters or slip-on flanges (standard features of types 4 and higher). So the pumps can be adapted to any connection without incurring further installation costs. As standard features, the IEC three-phase AC motors can be operated with cycloconverters due to PTC resistors included as standard. The frequency converter is to adjust the optimum operating point to changing conditions in order to considerably increase the efficiency of the pump. Operation...

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MAGSON - Connections Conventional centrifugal pumps usually follow a connection form. Either you have flange connections acc. to DIN (or ANSI) or a thread connection (internal or external thread). You have then to adapt your system to the pump, order the pump according to your requirements (usually with longer delivery time and higher costs than standard version) or create a complex transfer piping between the system and the pump. MAGSON also offers the ideal solution for all MA with loose flange: perfekter connection at flanges No matter how the drilling pattern of the pipeline comes to...

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MAGSON accessories Motor accessories • ON/OFF switch with 2.5 m cable and plug (230V AC only) • 5m three-phase connection cable with CEE plug of 5 x 16 A, fully assembled • Frequency converter of IP class 65, mounted directly to the motor or for wall mounting Slip-on flanges to screw onto threaded ports including O-rings* Also available are port seals, shut-off and check valves etc. suitable to any MAGSON pump. Our product specialists will be glad to help you! • Standard (off the shelf)

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