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SOLIDWORKS SUSTAINABILITY INCORPORATE SUSTAINABILITY INTO YOUR PRODUCT DESIGN SUSTAINABLE DESIGN SolidWorks Sustainability performs real-time environmental assessment as part of your product design process. Fully integrated with your design environment and using industry-standard lifecycle assessment criteria, SolidWorks Sustainability provides instant feedback, so you can quickly make adjustments to your design and turn your sustainability goals into results. Real-time environmental assessment during product design SolidWorks® Sustainability provides practical design-centric environmental assessments in real time to help you develop more sustainable products. It’s easy to use and designed for the non-expert, providing actionable environmental results at a fraction of the time and cost of a typical assessment. Whether you’re new to adding sustainability initiatives, looking to comply with environmental laws and standards, already building environmentally-friendly products, or an industry leader, SolidWorks Sustainability gives you the data you need to make informed design decisions. Reduce costs and improve your design More than just a materials assessment tool, SolidWorks Sustainability quantifies impacts across the full product lifecycle—from raw materials extraction and production through product use to end-of-life. Reliable environmental data, instant feedback, and a powerful material comparison tool guide your design decisions. Now you can quickly create more sustainable design options that require fewer materials, produce less waste, and use less energy while you meet your product performance criteria.

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Spur innovation and new product development With a clear view into sustainability, you can improve your designs, reduce costs, and create differentiation for your products. The software considers four key environmenta indicators—carbon footprint, total energy consumed, impact to air, and impact to water—to help you implement ecodesign practices. Now you can target "green" marketing opportunities by rethinking existing designs and exploring new ones, to create next-generation, environmentally friendly products for Work seamlessly in the design environment As an integrated part of the...

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“ SolidWorks Sustainability software is helping us document our achievements and develop even greener products in the future. This is good for our business and good for the planet.” — Brian Kinnune, Engineering Manager, BetaLED (a division of Cree, Inc.) Easily compare materials Simply click to compare like materials for environmental impact, checking against standard engineering properties like thermal conductivity and yield strength, as well as the comparative material costs. Available materials for comparison include standard SolidWorks CAD materials, plus frequently updated materials...

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SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS • Windows® 7 (32- or 64-bit) or Windows 8 (64-bit) • 2 GB RAM (minimum) SolidWorks Sustainability can be a simple, seamless, and intuitive part of your product development. Now designers and engineers can consider environmental impacts and benefits at the earliest stages of design. Easy to understand and use, SolidWorks Sustainability fully integrates comprehensive LCA expertise into design so you can make sustainability part of your design criteria. You can quickly achieve meaningful results that reduce environmental impacts, differentiate your products, and give you a...

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