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SOLIDWORKS Simulation - 1

SOLIDWORKS SIMULATION SUITE DRIVE INNOVATION WITH 3D ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS SIMULATIONDRIVEN 3D DESIGN AND ENGINEERING Manufacturing companies across all industries have made 3D virtual simulation a valuable engineering tool to synthesize and define their physical products. Sophisticated simulation is no longer just for specialists. It’s the inspiration that fuels innovation. Product engineers can make their technical decisions driven by simulation insights, uncovering significant product and business benefits. With powerful and intuitive SOLIDWORKS® Simulation solutions, product engineers can virtually test new ideas, quickly and efficiently evaluate performance, improve quality, and get the knowledge for product innovation.

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SOLIDWORKS Simulation - 2

SOLIDWORKS SIMULATION SOLUTIONS SOLIDWORKS Simulation solutions help product engineers reduce the risk inherent with innovation and get their products to market faster with less physical prototyping to decrease costs. With the consistent, powerful, intuitive set of simulation capabilities, all fully embedded with SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD, designers can understand product performance early in the design process and avoid costly over-engineering. SOLIDWORKS Simulation SOLIDWORKS Simulation provides a powerful structural testing environment for sophisticated simulation in an intuitive workflow, so...

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SOLIDWORKS Simulation - 3

“With SOLIDWORKS Simulation, I can identify and resolve potential issues during design, so that when we mold those initial pieces, they are right the first time. It’s an incredible tool that has let us save 30 to 60 percent in capital costs in the development of new products.” — Todd Turner, Senior Product Development Engineer, Macro Plastics SOLIDWORKS Plastics SOLIDWORKS Plastics injection molding simulation predicts how melted plastic flows during the injection molding process— the manufacturing method used to produce over 80 percent of all plastics products. The ability to predict how...

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SOLIDWORKS Simulation - 4

“SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation not only improves our productivity and efficiency, but also lets us tackle heat transfer challenges that we would not be able to resolve without it.” –Bernd Knab, Development Manager, POLYRACK Tech-Group ENGINEERING CHALLENGES TACKLED WITH SOLIDWORKS SIMULATION SOLUTIONS SOLIDWORKS Simulation Solutions enable product engineers to perform a complete performance test in a single user interface with the smoothest and most efficient engineering workflow. For products subjected to fluid flow and heat transfer, you can simulate the fluid flow around your product for...

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SOLIDWORKS Simulation - 5

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Solutions—the 3D engineering suite for making technical and business decisions SOLIDWORKS SIMULATION SOLUTIONS HELP COMPANIES: Boost product innovation Decrease product development costs • Grow market share and differentiate through groundbreaking product design • Empower the engineering team with intuitive, powerful 3D simulation tools to compare design scenarios and new ideas to bring innovative products to market Improve product efficiency • Improve product performance, such as lower pressure drop and increased horsepower • Improve eco-effectiveness of product...

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SOLIDWORKS Simulation - 6

Perform structural analysis with static or dynamic loading to help ensure optimum dimensioning Study a whole class of CFD analysis on your products and visualize fluid flow results for intuitive engineering Study deformation of products with large displacement and complex material models during the design process Perform assembly motion analysis to evaluate mechanical performance through operational movements Conduct plastics injection molding analysis to optimize gate locations and predict the locations of weld lines and air traps Reach the best available strength-to-weight, frequency, or...

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