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SolidWorks Simulation - 1

SOLIDWORKS SIMULATION GET ENGINEERING INSIGHTS WITH VIRTUAL SIMULATION SOPHISTICATED SIMULATION IS NO LONGER JUST FOR SPECIALISTS Concurrent Engineering for more informed design SOLIDWORKS® Simulation gives product engineers access to powerful FEA (Finite Element Analysis) capabilities that help enable them to speed up product innovation. Leveraging the familiar SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD environment, this extensive technology isn’t just about making sure your product works, it’s about understanding how your product will behave in the real world.

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SolidWorks Simulation - 2

SOLIDWORKS SIMULATION STANDARD PERFORM STRUCTURAL TESTING OF PARTS AND ASSEMBLIES FOR PRODUCT INNOVATION SOLIDWORKS Simulation Standard gives you an intuitive virtual testing environment for linear static, time-based motion, and fatigue simulation, so you can answer common engineering challenges with a SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD embedded solution Verify your design with powerful linear static analysis Drive your design with intuitive simulation tools to improve product performance. Test products made of weldments, sheet metal, and volume geometry with mixed mesh Evaluate strain and stresses between...

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SolidWorks Simulation - 3

SOLIDWORKS SIMULATION PROFESSIONAL INCREASE PRODUCT SUCCESS WITH POWERFUL AND INTUITIVE 3D VIRTUAL TESTING SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional adds to SOLIDWORKS Simulation Standard more powerful and sophisticated simulation capabilities, to help you answer engineering challenges with complex load scenarios and multi-physics solutions Test your design with extensive structural analysis Solve complex simulations to enhance product quality and performance. • Optimize designs based on structural, motion, or geometric criteria • Have your CAD toolbox fasteners translated automatically into...

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SolidWorks Simulation - 4

SOLIDWORKS SIMULATION PREMIUM GET A DEEPER VIEW OF YOUR DESIGN PERFORMANCE WITH AN EXTENSIVE SIMULATION SOLUTION SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium includes all of the capabilities of SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional, plus additional features like composite materials and powerful analysis tools for simulating nonlinear and dynamic response Analyze your design in the nonlinear world Study nonlinear problems that involve large displacement and complex material models. • Easily transition between linear and nonlinear simulations for comprehensive evaluation • Examine deformations caused by...

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SolidWorks Simulation - 5

“The advantage of SOLIDWORKS Simulation is that you don’t have to transfer information back and forth between applications. SOLIDWORKS Simulation provides a much more cost-effective means for conducting analysis.” — Caleb Fulks, Project Engineer, Diversified Product Development SOLIDWORKS SIMULATION HELPS PRODUCT ENGINEERS ASK—AND ANSWER—COMPLEX AND IMPORTANT ENGINEERING QUESTIONS EARLIER With SOLIDWORKS Simulation, you can reduce the risk involved in exploring new and innovative design solutions and help get products to market faster—and with less prototyping. By understanding product...

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SolidWorks Simulation - 6

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS • Windows 7 (preferably x64) or Windows 8 • 2 GB RAM minimum (8 to 16 GB RAM recommended) SOLIDWORKS PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT SOLUTION • 50 GB disk space free (minimum) SOLIDWORKS software provides users with an intuitive 3D development environment that helps maximize the productivity of your design and engineering resources to create better products faster and more cost-effectively. See the full range of SOLIDWORKS software for design, simulation, technical communication, and data management at • SOLIDWORKS-Certied graphics card • Intel® or...

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