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SolidWorks Premium - 1

Solidworks premium Design Without Limits Comprehensive 3D Design Solution SolidWorks® Premium 2014 is a comprehensive 3D design solution that enables you to create, validate, communicate, and manage your product designs. By integrating powerful design tools, including industry-leading part, assembly, and drawing capabilities, with built-in simulation, cost estimation, rendering, animation, and product data management, SolidWorks Premium makes the development and sharing of design ideas faster and simpler, resulting in a more productive 3D design experience.

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SolidWorks Premium - 2

One package tackles all your design challenges KEY BENEFITS • Visualize and communicate with photorealistic rendering and animation • Quickly create any geometry including complex organic shapes and curvecontinuous (C2) surfaces • Easily create, share, and manage with large-design, collaboration, and data management tools • Guarantee performance, manufacturability, and cost using built-in analysis SolidWorks Premium 2014 gives you powerful, easy-to-use functionality that automates tasks, streamlines workflow, and helps you quickly define and validate the form, fit, and function of your...

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SolidWorks Premium - 3

“SolidWorks Costing has helped decrease my time per day spent quoting from 5 hours to about 40 minutes.” — Dayne Peruzzi, President, PMS Manufactured Products • Advanced surfacing: create and edit complex solid and surface geometry, including stylish C2 surfaces • Sheet metal: design from scratch or convert your 3D part to sheet metal; includes automatic flattening of sheet metal parts with bend length compensation • Weldments: quickly design welded structures composed of structural members, plates, and gussets; includes a library of predefined structural shapes • Mold design: design molded...

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SolidWorks Premium - 4

“Innovation has helped us gain a commanding share of our market, and SolidWorks software is one of the tools that helps us to innovate freely.” — Kai Birger Olsen, Engineering Director, Ramboll Offshore Wind Automatically create and update drawing views and bills of materials whenever your 3D designs changes. 2D drawings Quickly create production-ready 2D drawings that clearly communicate how your designs should be manufactured and assembled. • Automatic Drawing View creation: simply drag and drop the 3D model into a drawing to create views that are either wireframe (with or without hidden...

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SolidWorks Premium - 5

VALIDATE DESIGN PERFORMANCE WITH VIRTUAL TESTING Ensure your ideas will perform as designed with simulation tools fully integrated inside SolidWorks CAD and built for designers and engineers who know their design best. Take the risk out of innovation and reduce the number of physical prototypes, thereby saving money and reducing the time to product completion. Time Based Motion SolidWorks Motion uses assembly mates, part contacts, and a robust physics-based solver to accurately determine the physical dynamic movements of an assembly under load to verify you have met your design goals...

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SolidWorks Premium - 6

SolidWorks Costing helps designers make faster and more repeatable decisions based on manufacturing costs and helps manufacturers automate their quoting processes. MEET COST TARGETS AND GET MANUFACTURING RIGHT THE FIRST TIME Use SolidWorks Premium tools to verify that your design can be produced prior to manufacturing and significantly reduce waste and cost. Cost estimation • Automatic cost estimation: estimate part manufacturing costs automatically using built-in cost templates; designers can make faster, repeatable, and more informed design decisions based on cost; manufacturers can...

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SolidWorks Premium - 7

“We are now using SolidWorks EPDM software both for revision and electronic data control, enabling us to have the electronic backups needed for meeting FDA* requirements.” — Patrick Brown, R&D Engineer, Berchtold Corporation * U.S. Food and Drug Administration Collaborate and communicate your ideas FASTER Share CAD data with others, and collaborate quickly and easily on product designs. Data exchange • Import/export: convert CAD data into a format that meets your needs, including IFC file import/export to interact with AEC design software • Existing 2D DWG data: maintain designs using...

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SolidWorks Premium - 8

data exchange SolidWorks Premium 2014 features built-in translators that let you exchange CAD data created in a wide variety of software applications and file formats: A worldwide community of learning and support SolidWorks users can access a broad range of tools and resources—tutorials, online help, blogs, forums, the SolidWorks User Group Network (, and an extensive worldwide network of local resellers. Tap into a global community to share best practices, refine tasks, and rapidly work through design challenges. Our value-added resellers are based around the world and work...

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